What on Earth is going on?

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andsoitbeginsagain Mon 14-Sep-20 18:33:14

I'm not desperate for a dog, it's more that I think my little 8 yr old mini schnauzer would love a friend.

I've stopped looking for now and will wait and see how the next few months pan out. If I needed to rehome my dog - I would never ask for money? Maybe a donation to a rescue charity but to ask for money as a payment, to sell your own dog? Shouldn't have a dog in the first place if that's your train of thought.

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vanillandhoney Mon 14-Sep-20 15:14:23

Yep - it's been happening for years, but lockdown has definitely exacerbated the problem.

If you want to buy (which is a totally legitimate choice) make sure you go through the breed club.

bunnygeek Mon 14-Sep-20 14:45:01

It’s a vicious cycle. People just see £££ signs, not a beloved family pet.

Dogs that would, in normal times, have been signed over to a rescue, are ending up on freelistings for stupid money.

Meanwhile rescues have seen their intake drop right off for handovers - instead mainly taking in strays or neglect cases - some rescues having empty kennels where they would never have been empty before. Desirable breeds or puppies get 500-1000 applications. Literally not enough dogs being signed over. Especially not “easy” family dogs.

Rescues get a butt load of online hate from adoptees who were turned down and shout “we’re going to buy a puppy instead!” (I mean, do you want a medal or something?) It feels like everyone is blind with puppy-buying rage right now, like the idea of NOT getting a dog while the world is turning upside down is an impossible concept.

I’m sorry, I did a rant...

Helencatz Sun 13-Sep-20 17:37:54

People advertising on these websites aren't going to ever bring them down I'm afraid, breeders have realised people will pay ridiculous prices for non kc dogs and they are laughing at how stupidly desperate people are. It's here to stay unless people wake up and don't pay.

fivedogstofeed Sun 13-Sep-20 15:47:52

Yes, people are doing this. Free websites are full of ads for young dogs. Some if them may be stolen of course, but many people have just decided to cash in. A dog that would have been given away free or handed into rescue can now easily be sold for 1k.

Equally, unwanted litters that would have ended up in rescue a year ago are now being sold. A rescue I work with recently offered to help with an unplanned mongrel litter - owners apparently distraught and terrified to advertise. A couple of days later we saw the puppies on Gumtree for £950.
Ka- ching.

Foobydoo Sun 13-Sep-20 14:36:10

It it terrible at the moment. We have seen 4 year old non kc registered labradors for £2500,
cross breed pups for 3000 plus. Someone was trying to sell a 2 year old lab x staffy for £1200!
It does feel like people have noticed the crazy prices and are trying to make money out of selling the family petsad

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 13-Sep-20 14:25:34

Yes, people are doing this. Though if I were rehoming a dog myself, and not through a rescue (not something I'd do other than to someone I knew but...) I'd want the person taking it to pay me something for it, as a reassurance that they genuinely wanted it and had the £££ to look after it.


andsoitbeginsagain Sun 13-Sep-20 12:28:02

Been looking for a rescue pup or dog for months. Toyed with the idea of buying because we have been not found a suitable rescue yet (possibly because we need an non moulter) but the prices have gone through the roof and there are so few puppies available.

I just looked on a website that is full of pups - I wanted to see if the prices have gone down (still won't buy a dog - but am interested to see what's happening).

Am stunned to say I saw an advert for a 1 yr old yorkie - £950 and another for a 'reluctant sale' of a 2 yr old dog - £400 What the heck? Are people selling their family pets?

Also saw a kc registered litter for £5000 each!!

Are people genuinely doing this? I'm stunned.

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