Dogs behaving weirdly..

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lborgia Wed 09-Sep-20 22:04:40

Hello, wondering if anyone has insight -

Our dog (rescue, neutered, had one lot of puppies at least before we got her, about 3yrs old) has started seeming very restless.

Normally she is happy to spark out anywhere, but in the last week she's started getting really fussy about bedding, turning round and round, even nosing or nipping at the blanket/ duvet/ whatever to try and get it right... there are times where I just leave her to see how long it takes her to sort herself out, but always give up and end up telling her to sit.

Is it possible that she's uncomfortable? In pain? Can't think of any other odd things recently, have never had a dog do this before.

Many thanks!

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GolightlyMrsGolightly Wed 09-Sep-20 22:07:34

Phantom pregnancy?

Takeitonthechin Wed 09-Sep-20 22:08:26

Could she be having a phantom pregnancy OP

Mollymalone123 Wed 09-Sep-20 22:10:37

Our older (11) has done this more in the last six months-no apparently reason for it- just ‘making her bed’ apparently some dogs maintain the need to behave in the way they would have done before they were domesticated- by going round on the ground and moving anything sharp- scraping leaves for a bed etc before laying down.Our other male dog doesn’t do this only older female.

HarryBlackberry1 Wed 09-Sep-20 22:12:23

My labrador this a lot before she was spayed (she's 2). We thought it was a phantom pregnancy. She still does it on occasion.

lborgia Wed 09-Sep-20 23:22:47

Oh the poor love, that would make sense. She got a new small furry toy yesterday, which is normally for tearing apart, but she took it to bed last night. Mm, what can I do to help her? Will it just go away, or will she get depressed when there's no puppies.

I should add, she was found wondering around injured, and was clearly lactating, but no puppies were found.

So maybe this is more likely. Might have a word with the vet.

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