Help with Health Test deciphering please

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NotYourDawg Wed 09-Sep-20 16:19:42

Hello, can someone help please.

I understand to some degree that health tests are needed, I have Googled what good health test results are BUT it's all a bit goobledegook if I'm honest.

How do these scores look? It's a labrador puppy found on Champdogs and the breeder appears legit.

Mum, born 2015:

tests in 2017
Elbow = 0
Hip = 2/3 = 5
no eye score

Dad, born 2011
elbow = 0
Hip = 2/0 = 2
CNM hereditary
eye unaffected (May 2019)
PRCD/PRA Clear (Nov 2011)

COI score parents: 5.2%

Maternal Grandparent :

elbow = 0
hip = 3/5 = 8
PRA = Hereditary clear

Maternal Great Grandparent :

Elbow = 0
Hip = 8/9 = 17

No info on paternal grandparent health tests but the names are listed back 4 generations. Sire has bred successfully on many occasions.

Side note: For various reasons we don't meet the criteria for rehoming a rescue dog (youngest child's age, cats - I have truly exhausted local rescues for the past 5 months and nothing has come up)

I have volunteered at 2 charities in the last few years and am still an active supporter of these charities. So, yes I agree with "adopt don't shop" however that's proved impossible for us. With this in mind I've spent the past 5 months also looking for reputable breeders (so have been actively looking for rescues but also a foot in the breeder side of things as it became apparent we may not be successful rehoming)

My old girl passed away last month and I'm truly heartbroken, I'd hoped Pup would meet her and spend a few years together but it wasn't to be.

thanks in advance

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NotYourDawg Wed 09-Sep-20 18:02:53


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sananbaz Wed 09-Sep-20 18:15:40

The numbers look good, which reduces the risks of developing dysplasia but it is also dependent on how the pup is fed and exercised during growth.
The CNM hereditary isn't clear if the dog is a carrier, but presumably it is as it has been assessed for if it is affected by it.
Look at the kennel site for explanation of all the results.
Also, most vets will offer pre purchase consultations now, so worth asking your vet.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 09-Sep-20 18:23:29

The elbow scores are excellent - perfect, in fact.
Apart from the maternal great-grandparent, the hip scores are good. the current breed average is about 10 total. For reference, my youngest dog (different breed) has parents with hip scores of 2/2 and 5/4 and I'm happy with that.

As I understand it, PRCD and PRA are simple recessives so if one parent is 'clear' (i.e. neither affected nor an asymptomatic carrier), the puppies will not develop the disease. If the other parent is a carrier, some of the puppies will probably be carriers too.

CNM hereditary
eye unaffected (May 2019)
Doesn't make sense to me as CNM is about the nervous system, not the eyes. This page is helpful

As for the parents ages, the dam is mature and the breeder should have a very good handle on her temperament and overall health. Same for the sire who is a mature dog.

A COI of 5.2% is pretty decent, and quoting it shows that the breeder has thought about the perils of inbreeding.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with going to a good and responsible breeder to find a dog that will suit you, your family and circumstances. A dog that grows up with cats should be fine with them. The thing I found hardest with a puppy and young children wasn't keeping them apart, but finding time to train the puppy.

tabulahrasa Wed 09-Sep-20 18:27:59

Elbows go 0 to 3, 3 being really bad... 0 is all being 0 means puppies would be unlikely to have elbow issues.

Hips, the breed mean score is 10, so you want well under that... which they are... bar the maternal great grandparent... so yeah, worse hips further back, but fairly unlikely to have problem hips.

PRA is a DNA test, so the puppies can’t have it, but as the bitch isn’t tested - there is a chance they could be carriers, but that would only be an issue if you were breeding.

CNM - that should be affected, Carrier or clear... so...? Unless it’s supposed to be clear by hereditary... which would be, not bothering to test because parents are clear and he can’t be a carrier anyway. If so that’s the same as PRA, puppies can’t have it and it doesn’t matter if they can pass it on if you’re not breeding anyway.

NotYourDawg Wed 09-Sep-20 20:47:38

ah I knew you lot would come up with the goods, thank you.

I didn't know that about the vets - mine are great so I will definitely give them a shout too.

Really appreciate thr advice, the great grandmother and also the dam not having the eye test were what I was questioning, but understand a little more now. I'll get over to the KC and have another read of the explanations (I have tried a few times but it never sank in lol)

Having volunteered with rescue dogs I kind of feel a bit like a traitor in getting a pup from a breeder, but if we don't meet rehoming criteria it's for a reason and a dog with a unknown or dodgy history needs as perfect a fit as possible.

I'm a SAHM and youngest is 7 (some rescues will rehome to families with over 5s, but then we would fall at the hurdle of having) so I am very lucky as I have the time during the day to train, I already have a puppy class in mind and there is an active Dog Walkers Association in my locale.

I hate coming home to a house with no dog. My heart sinks everytime I open the front door because she's not there with a stolen stinky sock as my welcome home present. Pup will be very well cared for, we'll have been without our girl 2 months and actively searching/waiting 7 months by the time we pick him up.

(and don't tell OH but I still have my sights set on a rescue in a few years, pup will surely need a companion... wink)

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