Raw feeding and going in holiday

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Wishiwasrunning2 Tue 08-Sep-20 19:04:58

Our two dogs are raw fed, sometimes use frozen nutriment complete and sometimes we mix our own with free flow mince from large freezer in garage etc.

Taking both away for UK break in Oct and I need a plan for an alternative for that week. Previously we've used a dog sitter so this is new!

Can't see how we'll manage to get hold of raw food and store enough so think we switch to a good tinned or dry alternative. Destination is Lyme Regis if that makes a difference?

What does everyone else do?

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PollyRoulson Tue 08-Sep-20 20:57:15

There is a nutriment stockist in Bridport and also Colynton. If you have a freezer where you are staying or even keep in a cool box for several days.

We usually take some food in a cool box for the first few days then stock up locally

SlothMama Wed 09-Sep-20 12:37:35

With my raw fed dogs I switch them to true instinct raw boost and I've not had issues with the change. I'm going away with them soon and the puppy will be having forthglade trays instead of his raw.

Both are good quality foods and much easier to store than raw!

Wishiwasrunning2 Wed 09-Sep-20 14:49:26

Thanks for the replies it's good to get a view from others on how they raw feed on holiday.

We'll take a look at the map for those suppliers thanks. Also the dry food, I could get a sample and see if they take to it.

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