Did you start something with your dog that you have lived to regret?

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hiredandsqueak Thu 03-Sep-20 21:06:18

The first day we brought Bella home (already housetrained) I took her on the garden for a wee. She did as asked and we came in and I gave her a piece of ham. She was so happy, she danced about as I don't think she'd been given ham before and my heart melted .
You can guess where this leads can't you? Yes two years later I'm still giving the dog a piece of ham for a wee on the back garden even though she never has had an accident and wee'd inside since we had her but that little dance gets me every time.

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GolightlyMrsGolightly Thu 03-Sep-20 21:12:11

Coming onto the bed in the morning for a cuddle. It’s my favourite part of the day....but now seems to start at 2am... beD takeover by stealth.

heatseeker14 Thu 03-Sep-20 21:56:35

Our dog has done this to us too, @GolightlyMrsGolightly. He used to jump on around 5/6am for a cuddle. Now he jumps up before I have chance to get under the covers. We have no issue with him being on the bed, but he has been keeping DH awake quite a lot. He always leans on DH and even tries to climb on his pillow. He doesn’t do this to me. I’m obviously not his favourite!😄DH is now very sleep deprived so tonight we are going to try to get ddog to sleep in the bed we bought for him...I think it’s going to be a long night for us.

Bergerdog Thu 03-Sep-20 21:57:15


Cute enough when a little dog does it.

When a 70kg dog with a paw the size of a dinner plate whacks you one, not so cute blush

pigsDOfly Fri 04-Sep-20 11:27:20

Yes, hand feeding. Although, the situation has been resolved now.

My dog had a lot of stomach issues for some time when she was younger - thankfully, she's been doing really well for ages now, apart when she ate something nasty in the park a while ago - anyway, due, I think to lack of appetite, she refused to eat out of a bowl and in order to encourage her to eat I tried hand feeding her. She's on a wet food, so it was a pretty messy process.

That went on for a while and as things improved I tried feeding her from a bowl, in fact I tried loads of different bowls as apparently none of them were suitable.

I ended up feeding her on the floor as it seemed preferable to hand feeding but she was still on the wet food. I'd put a spoonful down at a time and she liked that, I wasn't so keen on the mess.

Gradually, I managed to get her to use a particular bowl and I'm still putting in a spoonful at a time, which I'm happy with as it stops her eating too quickly.

She's a small dog and seems overwhelmed by a whole bowl of food at once.

Blueuggboots Fri 04-Sep-20 11:35:01

Giving the dog an empty crisp packet when you've finished the crisps......really really stupid of me!!

RiaRoth Fri 04-Sep-20 11:37:00

Open doors. What possessed me to think that was a cool trick - I must have been drunk at the time

Oh yes the crisp packet and licking out the yoghurt pot! smile


PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Fri 04-Sep-20 11:41:35

In a similar vein to the "paw" comment, I know somebody who taught her dog "selfie", where she kneels down and he stands behind her with her paws on her shoulders and his head next to hers.

She has some very sweet pictures, but he's a Newfoundland, so I think it might have to be abandoned at some point!

Syrrup Fri 04-Sep-20 11:47:31

Another one regretting teaching paw to a big dog... It's one of his favourites, so every time he's having trouble working out what we want or gets excited he punches us. His paw is bigger than my fist.

tillytoodles1 Fri 04-Sep-20 11:48:39

OP, my sister did that with her pup, but now shes five and still wants a treat when she's been outside for a wee!

Keepyourconversationsboring Fri 04-Sep-20 11:51:46

Letting him sleep on our bed because the whining from the crate all night was intolerable. Wouldn't be without him snoozing next to us now, but we are seriously considering dog number 2 - and that's the problem. Two humans, two dogs, one bed. Wish we'd persevered and not taken the easy option for an easy life confused

moosemama Fri 04-Sep-20 11:56:21

Years ago we had a rescue pup who was scared of the pedal bin in our kitchen. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to try and get her used to it using the clicker/shaping.

Doh! Backfired spectacularly when she realised she could operate the pedal and help herself to the contents. The other dogs used to line up to wait for her to do it. hmm

Dh inadvertently taught one of our dogs to bark at him every time he stood in the kitchen doorway. confused. Essentially it was a combination of him trying to ignore the bad behaviour, then badly timing the attention/reward. I could have got him out of it, but dh secretly liked it and it became their thing. Annoyed the hell out of me, but they had lots of fun with it. hmm

ruthieness Fri 04-Sep-20 11:57:42

Regret playing with Labrador puppy and a football!

As soon as he got bigger he would bite and burst the ball and for 5 years we had to avoid any parks or areas where football was played - and we have to take out £10notes to pay for burst footballs!
It took 5 years to train him out of it! He would join in any football match and did not have a shirt or a number and did not know which team he was playing for!

His eyesight is better than mine and sometimes he would spy a football about a mile away -I would chase after him shouting "Pick it up! Pick it up!" BUT they picked up the child - not the ball!


pigsDOfly Fri 04-Sep-20 12:00:26

Oh yes, and giving a treat for every time she waited nicely when crossing the road.

That all got a bit out of hand in the end so I just gradually ran it down until I stopped it altogether and all she gets now is a 'good girl' and sometimes a 'well done' pat.

You can stop the treats. You just need to be very strong and not be bullied by the 'poor me' puppy eyes grin

BiteyShark Fri 04-Sep-20 12:03:22

DH taught BiteyDog to fight with the glove covering the ball angry

Yeah great, his claws are bloody sharp and if you haven't got the glove on they can really hurt.

MactheRover Fri 04-Sep-20 12:18:11

I had a joke with my German Shepherd with me pretending there was a monster in the toilet when I flushed it. It was not long before she ripped the toilet seat apart. One way to get splinters in your bum.

carolebaskinfedhimtothetigers Fri 04-Sep-20 12:25:39

I walk the dogs with my DSis every night who beeps as she goes past my house then parks down the street, when she beeped I would obviously start shouting WALKIES, get my shoes on etc. DDog2 associated the beep with going for walkies, except she can't distinguish which is Dsis's beep and I live at a set of traffic (so more than average beeping throughout the day) and now we can't train her out of getting excited every time someone beeps!

LittleGungHo Fri 04-Sep-20 13:01:01

My husband taught the dog to weave at your legs like a cat when you come down in the morning. Great! She is a big Labrador that nearly had my poor my floored with that trick!

HolyMolyMeOhMy Fri 04-Sep-20 18:18:35

We let our first dog sleep on our bed with us as he was “only small” (a cockapoo), then got a 2nd dog and now have 2 dogs and a 6ft husband to battle for space every night grin
A family member used to give their puppy a treat when sitting at the kerb and waiting before crossing the road, now for some reason he will always stop at one particular kerb and must be given a treat or he won’t walk any further grin

MountainPeakGeek Fri 04-Sep-20 18:27:54

Training him to drop stuff he shouldn't have in his mouth by giving him a treat. Now he searches for anything/everything he's previously been rewarded for "handing over" and throws it onto the floor at our feet (if we're lucky) or onto our laps (if we're not so lucky - usually DS2's really stinky socks or trainers.) envy <---- SO not envy!!

Ohdear3 Sat 05-Sep-20 18:52:44

Yes letting dog sleep in my bedgrin

Ellmau Sat 05-Sep-20 19:27:52

I know someone who encouraged puppy to sit on their lap.

It was a giant breed.

Several years later, Very Large DDog still thinks she’s a lap dog and exercises her right to be a lag dog every evening.

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