Mast Cell tumour spread to lymph nodes, been told it’s probably cancer, has anyone had similar?

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Janus Thu 03-Sep-20 18:17:09

Our dog had a small lump removed last May which was then diagnosed as a mast cell tumour. We noticed a lump in one of her teats a few weeks ago and she had 2 mammaries removed 10 days ago. Vet said it couldn’t be a mast cell but was some other tumour but we asked for it to be sent away for testing. It’s come back as a mast cell in her lymph node. Vet today says it’s unlikely that’s the only one as it must be cancer somewhere else that’s spread into the lymph. We have now been referred to a specialist for a CT scan.
What will this show?
Will she have to have chemo etc?
I’m imagining chemo will be pretty awful for her, has anyone had experience of this in their dog?
How is their quality of life during and after chemo?
As the insurance company will say this is an ongoing medical condition she won’t be insured and we’ve already been told the CT will be between £2-£3 thousand. How much is chemo as well?
Will we always be looking for the next lump?
I feel so worried, I know we will have more answers next week but I’d be grateful if anyone can tell me how it went for them if they had anything similar please?
Thank you.

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BiteyShark Thu 03-Sep-20 18:31:25

So sorry I don't have direct experience but I thought chemo for dogs is generally well tolerated, better than in humans.

Janus Thu 03-Sep-20 18:46:04

Oh I hope so, I’d just hate her to feel rubbish for weeks on end. She’s a very active English bulldog who deeply misses her walks when she’s stuck inside so I need her quality of life to be the priority really. Thank you.

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