Dog had a fit today :(

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Titsywoo Wed 02-Sep-20 23:03:11

DDog is nearly 12 (English Bulldog) and although in decent health physicially has been declining mentally for the last couple of years (appears to have dementia).

This morning I heard a thump on the kitchen floor and she was on her side with her front paws cycling and she wee'd as it happened. We are starting to wonder if this has been happening a fair bit (minus the urination) as she often drops to her side and wiggles madly but tbh we thought we was scratching an itch and now we aren't so sure. She laid still for about 10 mins afterwards then got up and was ok all day. Do I need to take her to the vet? I googled and it said one-off's weren't unusual?

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Oasis1975 Wed 02-Sep-20 23:17:25

This happened to my old girl - please let a vet check her over, if anything it will give you peace of mind.
Fingers crossed for her 🤞

Anordinarymum Wed 02-Sep-20 23:20:18

My Staffordshire bull terrier had dementia as a result of having liver disease. I would get your doggie checked out asap

GooodMythicalMorning Wed 02-Sep-20 23:24:54

I have a English Bully too. I know they can get head tremors that can be harmless but not heard of ones like that. I'd get her checked out to be on the safe side. Bless her. My bulldog is my best friend, can't imagine what it'll be like when he goes.

Titsywoo Wed 02-Sep-20 23:59:14

Thanks all - she was checked over a couple of months ago as her back legs collapsed a couple of times and the vet gave her an anti-inflammatory shot in her spine as she has some arthritis.

We were looking to see the vet anyway as her night time waking has been exhausting us (barking and padding around and scratching at our door if we shut her out of the bedroom).

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Borderstotheleftofme Thu 03-Sep-20 11:15:27

DHs old dog had this, I’m sorry to say he was PTS in the end as the dit’s got more frequent and severe

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