Advice on longline for a puppy please

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kauri25 Wed 02-Sep-20 20:30:11

We have a 3 month old miniature poodle puppy. We’re first time dog owners. I’m confused whether we need a longline and whether they are a training aid or something you go on using in certain situations. And so many different lengths! Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy says to get one without a loop handle so it doesn’t get caught in bushes if you put the lead down but would you - surely it would tangle with or without a loop handle?! And isn’t the point you keep hold of the longline?

Advice appreciated thanks

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 02-Sep-20 22:07:42

You can use a longline as an extra-long lead, or you can let it trail and use to increase your control over an off-lead dog. I use a very long one with no loops. If ever get another one, it will be one made of biothane as it doesn't soak up loads of water.

They are very handy if you start to have issues with recall. You can practice recall with the line either in your hand or trailing, depending on how much you trust the dog.

I've learned the hard way that longlines can burn the skin from your hands if they get dragged through too fast, but you shouldn't have that issue with a mini poodle.

kauri25 Wed 02-Sep-20 22:38:20

Thanks grumpy that’s helpful - I understand now about letting it trail. Ouch that must have hurt when the longline pulled through too fast shock

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Helenluvsrob Wed 02-Sep-20 23:11:28

I was taught that you don’t operate a long line with hands at all. You stand on it to control the dog if you suddenly loose control with commands - hence you use it with a harness not collar as it can stop a charging dog quite sharply. Tie knots along the length so it doesn’t just slip away.

If I was buying now I’d get biothane. I have a nylon one the gets wet and collects mud. I have a smallish dog. Once it got wet and muddy it worked rather too well - like a ball and chain 😂 so he couldn’t run away ! M

Still pop it on at classes sometimes when working at a distance to prevent a sneaky nip over to socialise with another dog 😂

RolandBark Thu 03-Sep-20 09:16:00

We use a biothane longline clipped to a harness on our 5 month old pup. We usually let it trail. It’s bright yellow so we don’t trip on it, though she does sometimes manage to tie the children up grin The original one we bought was quite heavy, so I found a thinner one on amazon - it had a handle loop so we just cut that off. She much prefers the lighter one as she’s a small dog (7kg). Definitely recommend biothane as it’s so easy to clean and doesn’t get heavier with water/mud.

RolandBark Thu 03-Sep-20 09:29:45

Meant to add, ours is 10m long and 1cm wide. It weighs about 300g, so nice and light for a small dog.

RiaRoth Thu 03-Sep-20 09:41:39

You probably already know but always attach a long line to a harness not a collar.


Yaottie Thu 03-Sep-20 09:45:53

My longline kept trailing underneath my dogs legs and over time managed to rub her without me noticing. Think it was where she would get it snagged on something then pull it free herself. Mine is a small dog about the size of a jack Russell - it kept going up into her loins. Just keep an eye on how your dog handles it - I don't use mine now for that reason.

And yes it will get caught on everything if you walk in the woods like I was!

kauri25 Thu 03-Sep-20 10:06:41

Thanks Helen and Roland. Is no handle best then? We’ve got woods and fields within a 15 minute walk or so - would you use the longline to walk there in which case would the lack of a handle be ok?

I’m convinced about BiOY Jane. Roland could you tell me the make of yours please. Our pup will be about 7kg adult weight but is 4kg ATM - would a 300g lead be ok now?

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kauri25 Thu 03-Sep-20 10:11:21

BIOY Jane should be biothane!!

Thanks Ria - we’re always using a harness rather than a collar.

Yaottie yes we’ll keep an eye out for how pup is managing.

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RolandBark Thu 03-Sep-20 10:37:17

Both ours are made by Snoot and bought from amazon. I can’t seem to attach a link but will screenshot a photo. You definitely want one without a handle as it can snag on things. When it trails it does sometimes get caught on branches, tree stumps, etc (most of our walks are in woods and fields), so you need to just pay attention - but as the biothane is smooth, it often slides around obstacles without issue.

When she needs to be on a shorter line we loop it up to the length we need and just use like a normal lead - it’s a bit fiddly but you get the hang of it. In the early days we kept her on a normal short lead until we got to the forest, etc, then swapped for the longline, but now we just use the longline straight away and adjust the length as we hold it. My husband uses it like this on the shorter sniffy walks around our village where he would obviously never let it trail - pup seems to prefer it to the normal lead and doesn’t try to bite it.

Yes, it does often trail under her, but we haven’t seen any signs of it rubbing on her, though obviously it’s something to check on regularly. Very occasionally it is in the line of fire when she poos - fortunately it is wipe clean grin

Ours is definitely light enough for a small dog - it is specifically for smaller/lighter dogs. It’s the lightest one I have found so far.

RolandBark Thu 03-Sep-20 10:40:28

This is it

kauri25 Thu 03-Sep-20 13:33:43

Thanks @RolandBark- I found this but I can't work out if it's the same - it doesn't specifically say it's biothane, hasn't got a handle and is cheaper...

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RolandBark Thu 03-Sep-20 17:53:00

Yes OP, that looks good!

kauri25 Thu 03-Sep-20 21:55:54

Thanks for all your help Roland - it’s coming tomorrow smile

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BBOA Thu 03-Sep-20 23:22:47

We have 16 week pom cross toy poodle .I'm on the 2nd longline as the first was too heavy. Bought a cheap thick stringy type one from Amazon and I just let it trail along the floor as a safety aid if she runs off! Attached to a soft harness. She does come back mostly, but there are occasions where she see other dogs or people and runs off. Really useful to have until I'm confident with the recall.

Sitdowncupoftea Sun 06-Sep-20 00:14:20

I walk with my dogs on a longline. I switch it to longline once I'm in the woods. You can by various types. A poodle is small so you wont need a heavy one. Mine are webbing. Due to my dogs being 30 kilo each i get mine custom made as I dont trust the cheap clips on some. I wear the thin weight lifter type gloves to prevent burns. If you lasso in and out then they don't drag.

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