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Travel sickness, what worked for your dog?

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BuddhaAtSea Wed 02-Sep-20 07:38:36

My poor dog suffers from it sad
She’s a one year old Shih Tzu and she’s always been car sick.
I started with short journeys.
Initially we got her a dog car seat/soft crate type of thing, thinking she’ll feel more secure. She hates it and jumps straight out of it.
I tried elevating her seat, so she can see outside, the only difference it made is that she vomited all across the dashboard. And she is still not looking up.
I am not feeding her a good few hours before we go anywhere, she still manages to bring up stomach acid.

I tried stopping every 10-15-20 min, to let her find her feet again, she still throws up.

I don’t mind clearing up the mess as such, but it really wipes the poor mite out, you can see she’s suffering.

I thought maybe it’s my shit driving, so we tried in friends‘a cars, same thing.

We hardly use the car, but from time to time I’d like to see friends, half and hour, an hour away, I like her with me.
She loves the sea, walking on the beach, as in absolutely adores it, it’s a 20 min journey and yup, she throws up.

I read on antiemetics for dogs, some cause drowsiness/dry mouth, and before I medicate her, I’d like to pick your brains, maybe there’s something I haven’t thought of that I could try.

I would be really grateful if you could share your experiences/advice, I really hate to see her like this.
Thank you smile

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Fancy1993 Wed 02-Sep-20 07:41:15

We fed our dog. We’d take a handful of biscuits or some cut cheese in the car and feed him a bit every couple of minutes. After a few weeks of doing this he completely stopped being sick. He used to be sick even on a 5 minute journey.

vanillandhoney Wed 02-Sep-20 07:49:01

I would actually try feeding her something before you go and see if that helps to calm her down.

Mammaaof Wed 02-Sep-20 07:51:25

Try feeding her before you go

AuditAngel Wed 02-Sep-20 07:53:25

Speak to your vet, you can get travel sickness tablets for dogs. The downside is they are expensive,

sian1971 Wed 02-Sep-20 08:23:46

Our dog gets car sick - will vomit on a short-ish journey. We started giving her Johnson's Travel-eze tablets and they have stopped the vomiting.

BuddhaAtSea Wed 02-Sep-20 09:01:43

I will try feeding her again, we used to and she brought everything back up again, so we thought maybe that’s the problem?
@sian1971 does your dog have side effects from travel-eze?

The vet offered antiemetics alright, I wanted to explore all other avenues before resort to medication smile

Thank you all!

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sian1971 Wed 02-Sep-20 09:18:42

She has had no sides effects from travel-eze. They're herbal (I know that herbal products can produce side effects, but I think less so). I would definitely recommend trying them. They've transformed car journeys for us. We managed a 3-hour journey to the Lakes recently.

RiaRoth Wed 02-Sep-20 10:36:53

Without doubt go to your vet and get Cerenia. Expensive but amazing stuff you will not need to use it for many trips to sort out the problem

Fancy1993 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:02:17

Feeding our dog just before a journey would have done nothing to stop the sickness by the way. The key was feeding him very little and often throughout the journey.

Reedwarbler Wed 02-Sep-20 19:14:28

I know it seems for ever, but they usually grow out of it. Mine was terrible in the car until she was about 18 months and then she suddenly improved. She now sits on the back seat with a 'seat belt' to keep her in place. My dh used to sit in the back with her as she would also get very upset if she was sick, but we dispensed with this some time ago. She is now fine for at least an hours drive. Just be patient.

FAQs Wed 02-Sep-20 19:19:26

Travel-eze are great! Our dog went from not being able to tolerate the car for more then 20 minutes to being able to drive for several hours to Scotland and last month 7 hours to Cornwall. No side effects at all.

BuddhaAtSea Fri 04-Sep-20 08:10:00

It gives me a lot of hope, hearing your experiences. I will give it a try with travel-eze and if that fails, I’ll ask for Cerenia.
Thank you all for your suggestionssmilebrew

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