Warm and comfy dog walking wellies!

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Stircrazyschoolmum Mon 31-Aug-20 13:43:39

With September nearly upon us I was wondering if anyone had a brand of welly they swear by? Are Hunter or Barbour ones worth the money or just hyped up brands?

Usually I wear trail trainers or short walking boots but these can get a bit chilly and the woof has a tendency to cover my lower legs in mud. So boots seem the way forward but they need to be grippy, waterproof, and not to hard to get on with runners calves?!

Any recommendations? :-)

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tabulahrasa Mon 31-Aug-20 14:19:32


I wear those, they’ll not cover your calves obviously, lol, but they do other styles and you get other brands... basically, don’t get wellies, get something designed for working with horses smile warmer, comfier and sturdier than wellies, but still waterproof

aveggie Mon 31-Aug-20 14:25:40

I have these.
They are fantastic. So so warm, waterproof, practical!
Highly recommend.
For a cheaper option I wore these for years, until I got my muck boots...


Photo of amazing Muck boots below, but basically you want to go neoprene.

muckandnettles Mon 31-Aug-20 14:26:43

Le Chameau are the best I've had. Very expensive I know, but so are Hunter I think for something much inferior. Le Chameau are comfortable and warm. Try some on in a shop though, as some styles are a tight fit. If you wear wellies a lot, they are well worth the money.

fivedogstofeed Mon 31-Aug-20 14:27:04

Aigle Parcours. So worth the money. You will never look back grin

halfmoonbay Mon 31-Aug-20 14:31:58

Another one for Aigle..... fabulous boots!

nancyjuice7 Mon 31-Aug-20 14:39:01

Barbour - Absolutely ruined my feet. Don't bother

Hunters - I own now and are fantastic, the proper "country" ones not the fashion ones. Around £150-£200 I think.

Joules - Comfy, cheap but don't last 5 mins.

Le Chameau - I've heard are the best of the best but £££


MrsMaryBOOface Mon 31-Aug-20 14:39:41

Aigle Parkours here too. Neoprene lined, so comfortable even if walking miles and last years!

BiteyShark Mon 31-Aug-20 14:40:21

Le Chameau are great. I can walk hours in them.

LouisBalfour Mon 31-Aug-20 14:47:46

Le Chameau are the best. Mine are at least 7 years old and in perfect order.

leafeater Mon 31-Aug-20 14:48:36

Same Aigle here. Lasted four years so far and so comfy.

Mumof3almost4 Mon 31-Aug-20 14:55:43

The last hunters I bought made my feet bleed. Such a shame as the ones I owned prior to my new pair lasted years and were great. I'm not sure whether I got a dodgy pair or they are no longer made as well.

vanillandhoney Mon 31-Aug-20 15:09:44


ASDA £6 wellies. With decent quality, thick merino socks. I'm a dog walker and live in that combination throughout winter. No blisters and my feet are always dry and warm.

Stircrazyschoolmum Mon 31-Aug-20 16:07:46

Some brilliant suggestions here - thank you! I’ll have to try some on and see what fits my leg/foot shape. I hadn’t realised boots come with neoprene now but makes sense I guess! :-)

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Wolfiefan Mon 31-Aug-20 16:10:41

Aigle. Awesome.

MrsWooster Mon 31-Aug-20 16:14:13



ASDA £6 wellies. With decent quality, thick merino socks. I'm a dog walker and live in that combination throughout winter. No blisters and my feet are always dry and warm.

I agree- I’m fancy so have insoles that support my arches and sheepskin warm insoles too. Total cost about £25

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 31-Aug-20 18:38:43

Cheapo ones from Mole Country Stores with a pair hand-knitted socks over my ordinary socks.

Those, or decent hiking boots.

Floralnomad Mon 31-Aug-20 19:15:41

I also wear the Woof Wear short yard boots , if I’m going anywhere where I need long boots I wear Dublin River boots .

maverickallthetime Mon 31-Aug-20 19:55:59

I agree with cheap wellies and good socks or liners

Shmithecat2 Mon 31-Aug-20 19:57:57

Aigle Parcours

EloiseTheFirst Mon 31-Aug-20 20:05:20

Another vote for Aigle Parcours.

What I did was go into Mole Country Stores and tried them on to check for size and comfort and to decide on colour (brown or green)

Then I ordered them on Amazon £25 cheaper than Moles were selling them for.

They are the best boots ever!

Just a side note, they also do them with a neoprene lining. I know a couple of people with them and they make their feet sweaty so I wouldn't recommend the neoprene.

IsletsOfLangerhans Mon 31-Aug-20 20:42:14

Another Aigle parcours fan! By far the most I’ve ever spent on footwear, but wore them daily last winter/spring (walking 4-7 miles a day) and they are so comfy. I have problems with my Achilles’ tendons and they aren’t sore after wearing these boots.

albird Mon 31-Aug-20 21:03:57

Another for Aigle Parcours - I have large calves too and the wide fit is perfect - I didnt go for the neoprene as it makes them a bit snug. I wear them twice a day for dog walking in all but the summer months and they have lasted 6 years so far.

Girlintheframe Tue 01-Sep-20 05:40:52

I think it depends how far you want to walk in them.
I'm on my 2nd pair of hunters and love them. The rubber is so soft and comfortable. I can walk miles in mine with no issue.

Sitdowncupoftea Tue 01-Sep-20 16:45:18

Personally i wear waterproof trousers and a good pair of waterproof hiking boots. I find wellies have poor foot support. It depends i suppose how much walking you do with you dog. I do two 5 milers everyday minimum. I don't pound the pavements as we don't have any.

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