How long does your dog sleep at night?

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Tiggerdig Mon 31-Aug-20 12:06:58

We have been considering getting a rescue dog for a long time. Ideally a young adult dog that’s already toilet trained. As a family we have lots of love and time to put into a dog in the day.
My issue is sleep. I need plenty or I feel awful. I’m menopausal and tired and honestly if I’m not in bed for 9 hours a night feel shocking as I am awake a lot in the night. Im generally in bed 10-7 or 11-8 depending on the day of the week.
It occurred to me last night that this probably means we can’t get a dog? I assume most can’t manage this long overnight and it wouldn’t be fair to them. My priority if absolutely to the dog and I’ve been overthinking this for months now.

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Stellaris22 Mon 31-Aug-20 12:13:18

Depends on the dog. I have a basset who is happy to sleep/rest from about 10/11pm till 8am.

verybusyforthis Mon 31-Aug-20 12:19:30

depends on the dog - and I think where the dog sleeps. Ours is 14 months and is very happy sleeping in a crate where I know she is safe until I wake her up at about 7.30. At night she's fast asleep from about 8.30 and gets into her crate after last pee, at about 10.30. She's a cavapoo.

Crocky Mon 31-Aug-20 12:19:49

I have a four year old German Shepherd. She demands to go to bed around ten. She has a choice of three beds and ambles between them during the night. If she gets too hot she’ll move to a cold one. Other than that she only stirs when we do which can be anything from seven to about half nine. She is never in a rush to move.

OwlInAnOakTree Mon 31-Aug-20 12:21:16

I'm very similar to you, need early nights as I wake up a lot. I have a nearly 5 month old puppy, he sleeps from 8:30pm until he hears my DS crashing about around 6:30/7am. On the one day my DS slept til 8, I didn't hear a peep from pup until pup heard DS. I don't know if we're just really lucky though?

ThatLibraryMiss Mon 31-Aug-20 12:22:12

If you're asking how long between wees, Small Dog has been known to cross his legs for up to 16 hours if the alternative is a rainy garden. He snoozes next to me all evening, goes out for a trot around the block to empty him before bedtime then sleeps on my bed until I get up up to ten hours later. When we go downstairs, food is a greater driver than the need to relieve himself.

Kaktus Mon 31-Aug-20 12:22:41

Ours goes out for his last wee about 10, then we’re up about 6. I’m sure he would sleep longer if we got up later though.


thenightsky Mon 31-Aug-20 12:24:42

Rescue lurcher aged about 4 years. Sleeps in his own bed, but in our room. 11.30pm to 6am. He's like an alarm clock and seems to know when its exactly 6am.

Luckily I'm a night owl, so do the last pee walk at 11pm and DH gets up naturally at 6am himself, so is out with the dog at 6.10am.

Mammaaof Mon 31-Aug-20 12:24:55

Our 11 week cavapoochon sleeps from about 7pm to 6am when my dd wakes up, probably would sleep longer if she didnt wake him when she woke. Although he does get taken outside around 10pm

lilyfire Mon 31-Aug-20 12:25:39

We have a whippet who went out last night at about 11pm and then looked very uninterested while lying in bed this morning at 10.30am when invited out for a wee. Definitely don’t get a puppy.

Floralnomad Mon 31-Aug-20 12:33:17

Our dog sleeps upstairs, he sleeps most of the evening downstairs and then comes to bed with me at about 10 ( I watch TV until 1or 2 ) but he sleeps and generally doesn’t get up until 7.30 /8 . Even then he just comes downstairs he doesn’t go out to have a wee until 9 most days .

Yearinyearout Mon 31-Aug-20 12:34:53

Mine snoozes from about 8pm, then we put her out for a wee and to bed properly at 10. She sleeps until we get up about 7.30am.

vanillandhoney Mon 31-Aug-20 12:35:03

Mine sleeps from 10.30 until about 8-8.30 if left to wake up naturally. He does sleep/doze on the sofa from about seven though.

Playdoughbum Mon 31-Aug-20 12:38:04

Dozy from about 8, starts nagging for bedtime around 9.
Sleeps from 10 ish right through till at least 8. He is v lazy though.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Mon 31-Aug-20 12:39:13

Maybe you need a really old dog. My 14 yr old Lab and 13 yr old Greyhound went to bed at just after ten last night and when I came down at about 7.45am this morning to get them out for weed, they both looked up at me from their beds as if to say, seriously? grin

daisychain1620 Mon 31-Aug-20 12:40:24

We have s greyhound who takes herself to bed around 8pm, I take her out to toilet around 11 before I go to bed then she reluctantly gets out of bed in the morning around 8 to go out. She then hops straight back into her bed for another couple of hours!

RunningFromInsanity Mon 31-Aug-20 12:40:59

We went to bed at 11pm, and we are still in bed now (12.30) blush

kerkyra Mon 31-Aug-20 12:50:33

Mine Jack Russel goes to bed at 11pm like me and wakes around 7.30 like me.
But we have a catflap which she can use if I have the odd lie in.

Tiggerdig Mon 31-Aug-20 12:50:57

Ok so there is hope! I get up to wee twice in the night every night so the idea a dog can manage for that long is surprising but pleasing!
Its not the kind of thing you can ask though when looking to rescue a dog. I have a friend who has to get up at 5 am every day with hers and that would kill me. I appreciate if the dog is ill then its different but every day for years and years no way.

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anothermansmother Mon 31-Aug-20 12:52:51

Ours can go 12 hours. He barks if he needs to go out. He usually has to be woken in the morning to go out. He's nearly 10

SqidgeBum Mon 31-Aug-20 12:56:34

Our 2 year old spaniel takes himself to bed at about 8:30pm, or sleeps at our feet in the sitting room til we go to bed at 10:30. Then we get up at 6am weekdays, and maybe 8am weekends. He just stays in his crate in the kitchen (not closed in) until we come down. He never makes a sound.

JulesM73 Mon 31-Aug-20 13:01:03

My dog goes out for a pee at 9pm and then can go until 10am if we oversleep, which is rare. He’s a golden retriever and nearly 10.

BiteyShark Mon 31-Aug-20 13:05:51

Mine was a poor sleeper when younger but now tends to sleep well now.

Allmyfavouritepeople Mon 31-Aug-20 13:06:00

Ours is conked out on the sofa by 8PM and will happily snooze all night with us until whatever time we get up.
He's got a bladder of steel.

Once we got past the puppy stage he's never disturbed my sleep and I'm not a good sleeper.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 31-Aug-20 13:30:33

Usually just over 8hrs on their own, but they'll have been asleep around the front room for a couple of hours before that.

We can leave them later on weekend mornings.

None of this applies at the moment as we have a youngster who has not yet got with the programme.

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