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Second dog - male or female?

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lifeisbetterinpajamas Sun 30-Aug-20 10:15:53

We already have a male who is 2.5 years and are now hoping to add to our family with a second dog. I've been Googling whether it is better to have two males or one of each but I'm so confused! Does anybody have any advice or experience to share please?

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Gatr Sun 30-Aug-20 10:21:11

Depends on your dog really, his personality and the new dogs personality.
My dog is a male, and it works much better when we foster females. We can still foster males but have to watch their personality as if they are dominant etc he wont like them, he wont mind a dominant female though.

Sometimes though we foster nervous males who benefit from having our more confident male in the house (although think if he was a nervous adult, it would make a confident puppy nervous)

Lots of the littermate syndrome etc tends to come from having two dogs that are the same age and development as well as sex, so its easier to have the same sex when one is an adult, then when one is a puppy.

RuudGullitOnAShed Sun 30-Aug-20 10:24:03

Dog/bitch combination had always worked best for us.
We did have two dogs at one point and whilst they got on most of the time occasionally the older dog would try to dominate the younger which was unfortunate as he was a JRT and the younger one was a Rottie cross.

Angelina82 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:27:55

I would definitely go for a bitch. Two males fighting for the position of top dog can get very nasty.

lifeisbetterinpajamas Sun 30-Aug-20 14:56:24

Thank you so much for the replies. I was leaning more towards having another male but I'm going to have to rethink that I reckon.

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