Walk to heel

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pilates Sun 30-Aug-20 07:34:08

How do you do it?

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LaughingDonkey Sun 30-Aug-20 07:46:01

Start to practice the following technique:
1. Have treats (dog cookie broken into many small pieces; or something else small, smelly and irresistable) in your left hand while standing up.
2. Give your pup a command to sit beside you on your left facing forward (the same direction as you) - the ''starting'' position.
2. Praise and treat once the pup is in the ''starting'' position.
3. Place left hand with treat in front of the pup's nose, say ''heel'' and start walking slowly.
4. Walk like that 2 meters while repeating ''heel'' and giving small treats.
5. Parise and treat.
8. Give command for the ''starting position'' (sitting beside you on the left facing forward).
9. Repeat 1-8.

Once the pup knows this, move training into garden, then do it on walks, then in park. Extend the distances and give out less treats as you progress smile

LaughingDonkey Sun 30-Aug-20 07:48:38

Hahah noticed I'm missing nr6 smile and nr7 smile and have two 2s! I need a coffee (it is 1-8)

pilates Sun 30-Aug-20 11:55:46

Ok thanks, he’s not a pup but a 2 year old.

Will it take longer?

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lmustnotstackmybike Sun 30-Aug-20 12:00:45

Kikopup YouTube channel is excellent for all training stuff and has a video on loose lead walking.

LaughingDonkey Sun 30-Aug-20 12:12:54

I don't think the saying ''you can't teach an old dog new tricks'' applies to most dogs smile

If he is very food orientated and likes to learn new tricks to please you, I do not see a problem! And yes, it might take longer, or it might take a short time, entirely depends on the dog and your commitment to training every day.

Good luck smile

JuiceyBetty Sun 30-Aug-20 14:32:19

I need to learn this. Thanks @LaughingDonkey

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