Settling a rehomed or adopted dog

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GrimDamnFanjo Mon 31-Aug-20 01:25:42

Thanks so much. We are so excited but want to make this transition as cal as possible.

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reindeesandchristmastrees Sun 30-Aug-20 20:49:07

I also try some of the calming kit - de stress is the one that we have used. But completely agree with above that actually just garden walks for a couple of days and take it very slowly.

Soshelpplease Sun 30-Aug-20 18:57:20

Any existing belongings to take from previous home to your home for familiarity will help eg blankets, bowls or toys, leads, harness.

It takes 3 months+ for them to settle into their new home, learn new boundaries, recognise new sounds and smells.

It’s like us upping sticks and learning a new language in a different country. Try & find out which words the dog is already used to rather than introduce new ones for already learned techniques eg ‘heel‘ if s/he knows that instead of ‘here’ if they don’t know that.

The new addition may make new sounds so you’ll need to try and learn the body language as to whether they’re comfortable or asking you to back off.

H/she may be lonely, want company all the time or need time out. You need to go with what you feel they’re asking for and provide it if this is going to work.

Boundaries will need to be set and trust has to be earned from all parties. It can be hard work but it’ll be worth it.

Dogs do talk...but only to those that listen.

Very well done for taking this dog on, you’re a star x

Baybetterdays Sun 30-Aug-20 12:05:33

I’ve literally just taken in a 9-10 month old rescue after losing my first boy a few weeks ago. I’ve been strongly advised not to do too much with her or expect too much from her in the first days. They need time to get used to you and your routines. She’s following me about observing everything, and I’m letting her come to me eg for affection. I think ‘confused’ might be the way to describe her right now, and not putting too much pressure or focus on her feels right.

She’s a bit jumpy and barking at noises - possibly her history means she always will - but she’s also come from a home with a bigger protective dog so yours may also have to find his feet. Good luck OP - it’s a big adjustment for everyone, but she’s gone from hiding away a lot to racing around with squeaky toys and is currently sprawling across my lap, so it’s worth whatever time it takes.

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 30-Aug-20 01:48:09

Has anyone any advice about settling a new dog into your home after a rehome?
This is not a rescue but a dog in need of a new home which we are adopting after recently losing our family dog.
He's just under two, well trained but will be leaving a family pack to become a singleton.

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