Just had DDog put to sleep

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BookWitch Sat 29-Aug-20 14:01:13

She was 15, had multiple issues, and I could see something had changed in her over the last few days, and it was the right thing for her.
The vet came to car and did it, so I was able to hold her, which after some horror stories over Covid, I am so grateful for.

It was my Mum's funeral on Monday.

Just wallowing in grief at the moment, it's just so shit.

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BiteyShark Sat 29-Aug-20 14:31:06

I'm so sorry thanks

Backtoschoolnotsoonenough Sat 29-Aug-20 14:33:14

Hope it's some comfort your dm has an amazing friend with her.
I have lost ddog 10 and dcat 8 this year.
It's been a truly awful year..

Mycatisthebest Sat 29-Aug-20 14:34:49

You've had a really tough week thanks

Aquicknamechange2019 Sat 29-Aug-20 14:36:41

I'm so sorry thanks

What a lovely photo.

Roselilly36 Sat 29-Aug-20 14:41:08

So sorry flowers what an awful week. Take it easy & be kind to yourself.

QuestionableMouse Sat 29-Aug-20 14:41:57

She was beautiful. I'm so sorry.


cosmopolitanplease Sat 29-Aug-20 15:04:38

I'm so sorry. Our beloved cat was run over and killed on Monday. It's just so so shit isn't it. I hope you can find comfort somewhere. x

becca3210 Sat 29-Aug-20 15:12:29

I'm so sorry. What an incredibly tough week biscuitthanks

Pumpkintopf Sat 29-Aug-20 16:18:38

I'm so sorry to hear this op. We lost our beloved rescue greyhound last year and the age of 15. It's very hard, on top of an already awful week for you. As pp have said, I hope you take some time to be kind to yourself and think of the many happy years you gave your beautiful ddog. thanks

RiaRoth Sat 29-Aug-20 17:22:08

Oh BookWitch What a traumatic time. Im am so sorry you having to go through it flowers

Medievalist Sat 29-Aug-20 18:04:40

Oh my - 15 is a great age for a dog. You must have looked after her really well and given her a great life. Sounds like you also gave her a good and peaceful ending. I'm still haunted by my failure last year to acknowledge the end had arrived for my 12 year old lab. I subjected her to a horribly stressful few days in vet hospital which she could have done without.

Such a hard time for you. I'm so sorry for your double loss thanksthanksthanksthanks

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 30-Aug-20 01:56:42

So sorry for your loss x

morethanmeetstheeye Sun 30-Aug-20 02:00:28

Sending you lots of love OP. Losing any animal is tough xxx

DramaAlpaca Sun 30-Aug-20 02:01:25

I'm so sorry flowers

Baybetterdays Sun 30-Aug-20 12:09:32

So sorry for your losses, what a beautiful girl she was and you were so lucky to have each other. I feel for you.

Take it one day at a time and focus on the basics. It seems unbelievable how much you can cry, but it does stop.

ManUMum55 Sun 30-Aug-20 12:12:09

So sorry OP. Losing two important people and dogs in your life is tough anytime but even worse when they are close together and in lockdown.

TheDogsMother Sun 30-Aug-20 12:15:40

So sorry OP, what a terrible week flowers

RaspberryToupee Sun 30-Aug-20 12:33:56

What a lovely photo, clearly a very happy dog. You obviously gave her a wonderful life.

Sorry you’re having such a terrible time flowers

Mumof1I Sun 30-Aug-20 12:51:17

What a beautiful dog. This id a wonderful picture so full of fun. Allow yourself to wallow thats more than OK. Each day will become a little easier over time. 💐

muckandnettles Sun 30-Aug-20 19:37:49

So sorry for your two losses - such a sad week for you. Your lovely dog looks so happy in the photo so I hope you can remember her like that. I always think it's a privilege to see a dog to that age with so much love to the end.

MaureenSowerbutts Sun 30-Aug-20 19:48:38

So sorry to hear this, what an awful week you have had. Ddog is beautiful and looks so happy in that photo. I am so glad you could be with her.

Patbutcherismyhero Sun 30-Aug-20 19:51:20

What a lovely photo of a happy, beautiful dog. She must have had a very joyful life with you. I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that your dog and mum are together watching over you. I'm so sorry and I hope time eases your pain thanks

Soshelpplease Sun 30-Aug-20 19:52:40

So, so sorry you’re going through this @BookWitch.

Been there and there’s no pain like it, if I could take the pain away from you, I would.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Sun 30-Aug-20 19:59:04

What a shitty week for you, I'm so sorry.
Great photo, which I'm sure somewhere in the not too distant future will make you smile more than cry.
Unmumsnetty hugs to you BookWitch x

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