It's the vets again isn't it

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drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:04:41

Last time it was ear infection and a phantom pregnancy.
This evening she's come in from the garden and sat down. Thought odd but was cooking tea and she likes to watch.
She's trotting round the house and every so often sits and her leg goes from under her. She chews on it and flicks it out behind her.
I've inspected and can't find anything to the touch. She doesn't flinch. Still bright eyes ears up.
Will phone vet in the morning, me and husband are now wondering if this is why she stumbled running on Tuesday. we thought it was thrill of the chase and too excited.
Any pre vet advice. She's still pottering, showing no sign of distress.
She's a Belgian Mali x whippet

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BiteyShark Thu 27-Aug-20 19:06:32

Yes I think I would want a checkup.

From experience could you video her on your phone doing it because they seem to perk up when you take them to the vets grin

drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:13:07

Thanks Bitey . Didn't think to video it.

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Wolfiefan Thu 27-Aug-20 19:27:09

How old? Any allergies?
I have a foot chewer with ear issues. Saw a dermatologist. She’s allergic to chicken and beef.
Foot chewing can be a pain reaction too.
Re phantom pg (big girl does this too!) Fenland Forager do a great remedy.
Good luck.

drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:39:41

She's booked to be spayed 21st September. Covid scuppered the last attempt.
No allergies, scratched a bit more when my daughter used shake n vac 😬
Had another feel down her leg and there's a bouncy bit.
She won't let me photo it so will do my best to describe.
It's the knee bit, but inner leg. The joint goes out behind, in front (inner leg) has a tendon ? Right leg is spongy , left leg is hard. It's the right she's gnawing at or licking .
Will try to photo it
I'm a student nurse but don't know doggy anatomy 😬

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drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:39:59

Sorry she's 3

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drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:43:28

Think she's buggered her tendon trying to climb a tree earlier chasing a squirrel and had previously injuries it slightly on the run earlier this week. It's going to cost isn't it

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BlueSlice Thu 27-Aug-20 19:46:00

My dog kept flicking his legs out behind him and chewing on them when he got bitten by red ants. We washed his paws and legs down in cool water and he was fine after about an hour.

^ just a thought if it’s only come on very suddenly and she’s come in from the garden. Obviously he springy bit throws matters somewhat though.

BiteyShark Thu 27-Aug-20 19:47:32

* She's trotting round the house and every so often sits and her leg goes from under her. She chews on it and flicks it out behind her*

Have you googled luxating patella? Wonder if her knee is popping out and that's why she flicks it so it pops back in?

Hoping I am wrong and it's just a sprain.

Floralnomad Thu 27-Aug-20 19:51:04

I was also going to say check for luxating patella , it’s very common . How heavy is the dog ?

drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:52:55

Googled thank you Bitey. It's the patella tendon on her right leg. It's soft and spongy but the left feels normal. No distress. She's lay next to me snoring.

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drinkingwineoutofamug Thu 27-Aug-20 19:53:14

15kg flora

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Wolfiefan Thu 27-Aug-20 21:16:34

We will keep our fingers crossed for you. They are a worry aren’t they?

Floralnomad Thu 27-Aug-20 21:22:40

If it’s luxating patella depending on the grade it can be fairly easily managed with diet and exercise , ours has it bilaterally and was diagnosed 8 yrs ago ( he’s 10 and 15.3kg) , we rarely have any issue with it ( grade 2 )

drinkingwineoutofamug Fri 28-Aug-20 10:39:21

Bloody dog isn't showing any sign of limping. She bounced round the garden like a nut job after phantom squirrels this morning.
Let me inspect her leg and the soft bit on her right leg feels harden again this morning.
Still taking her to be checked.
Never got to film it 🙄 so she's going to make me out to be a paranoid dog owner isn't she

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drinkingwineoutofamug Fri 28-Aug-20 10:41:19

Vets 4pm

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Floralnomad Fri 28-Aug-20 11:58:48

Definitely sounds like a patella , the vet will be able to feel whether it moves in and out . I definitely wouldn’t be rushed into surgery if it’s resolving itself , ours rarely comes out ( goes back on it’s own) and our dog is very active .

drinkingwineoutofamug Fri 28-Aug-20 12:15:45

Her leg buckled again . She's doesn't know wether to sit or lie down. Then she flicks it out and repeat. The foot was turned in as well??

Thank you for advice will let you know what they say.
I will probably need a handhold as she has to be handed over and taken in by herself 😂 was pacing the car park last time 🙄

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BiteyShark Fri 28-Aug-20 12:58:03

The handing them over to the vets and having to wait outside sucks for both us humans and the dogs sad

Wolfiefan Fri 28-Aug-20 13:06:10

Good luck for later.

drinkingwineoutofamug Fri 28-Aug-20 13:08:57

Apparently last time she was a dream! The vets commented on what a well behaved dog and so cute. Wondered if they had the right dog 😂

I read on another thread on here somewhere , a post by someone who works in a vets who said the pets are calmer on their own as they aren't picking up on us humans emotions. And they get biscuits 🙄

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Wolfiefan Fri 28-Aug-20 13:11:25

Both mine would go quite happily with the vet. Loyal hounds my eye!!

BiteyShark Fri 28-Aug-20 13:12:27

Mine unfortunately refused to go in the car for days after his lockdown vet visit in case we were going back there sad

Sounds like yours isn't bothered by the vets which is good grin

Fingers crossed for later.

TheoriginalLEM Fri 28-Aug-20 13:14:19

"The handing them over to the vets and having to wait outside sucks for both us humans and the dogs sad"

You'd think? Im a vet nurse and was worried about this but by far the majority of patients do really well or even better without their owners. Some are still very nervous but generally once they come in they want to say hello to everyone and there's always a nurse on hand to oblige with cuddles and a sneaky biscuit (if appropriate).

It sounds very much like a luxating patella or cruciate injury. Is she insured?

drinkingwineoutofamug Fri 28-Aug-20 13:26:19

@TheoriginalLEM yes. I'm with petplan life time insurance.
I will take a claim form with me just in case

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