Fluffy 'anxiety' donut dog bed

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fitflopqueen Mon 31-Aug-20 21:56:23

I bought one from Argos about 3 months ago, advertised as a cat bed (must be for monster cats) and a bargainous price - about £8 but they sold out. Foster cocker loved it, he weighed about 10kg and could have got 2 of him in it.
This looks identical but may be a bit bigger.

Savoury Sat 29-Aug-20 01:04:42

I have one from Amazon nd it's looks so lovely. The dog seems to enjoy it too but whether he enjoys it more than a towel, living room rug or the hard floor, I can't say. I took a photo of him sleeping near it today on a hard floor!

ohffs66 Thu 27-Aug-20 17:36:19

Does anyone have one of these for their dog and is it any good please / where did you get it? Ddog loves to be cosy so I think she might like it but I can only find overseas suppliers or cheap looking ones on Amazon

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