A happy post about my border collie

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CollieDug Mon 24-Aug-20 16:21:12

First an apology: I hate boasting and I realise that I’m being hugely hypocritical as this is boasting but I’m just so pleased!

There was an online Collie show. I don’t show my dog and don’t intend to however the had novelty categories one of which was best action shot. I got first prize. My border collie just loves jumping into water and this photo captures his enthusiasm perfectly.

I’m sorry to boast but I do love my dog and know there are lots of dog people on here who will hopefully understand!

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Ludo19 Mon 24-Aug-20 16:35:29

Beautiful dog and an amazing photo! Well done xx

RiaRoth Mon 24-Aug-20 16:58:28

grin Fantastic and the best prize to win the action shot and dogs doing what they enjoy. He is loving life!

HeronLanyon Mon 24-Aug-20 17:00:03

Brilliant. And what a great idea online dog show.
I’m sure he might want a small treat even if he doesn’t exactly need one ?

KitMarlowesCodpieceOfthigh Mon 24-Aug-20 17:02:45

That's a lovely photo! Congrats, OP smile

BiteyShark Mon 24-Aug-20 17:22:16

Congratulations 🥳.

Lovely photo.

CollieDug Mon 24-Aug-20 17:28:27

Thank you for your lovely messages!

His prize for doing well, of it was his choice, would be for me to take him to water and throw some more balls/stones/seaweed/sticks for him to chase. I think chasing balls etc ranks ahead of food in my dog’s world! (We is a first for me as precious dogs have been very food driven!)

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Mindymomo Mon 24-Aug-20 17:45:03

Well done from another border collie parent.

Thisismytimetoshine Mon 24-Aug-20 17:46:13

Well done!

OhMsBeliever Mon 24-Aug-20 17:47:30

Boast away! He's lovely, what a great photo.

Ellmau Mon 24-Aug-20 19:01:14

That is a fab photo!

Tootletum Mon 24-Aug-20 19:04:13

I do so love border collies, if I had the time I'd get another. Lovely picture.

CollieDug Mon 24-Aug-20 20:04:31

@Tootletum - aren’t they the most endearing dogs? So so loving yet so spirited. I cannot believe the difference mine has made to my life. He’s only 22 months too. But yes any dog needs time - I’ve had to wait 25 years to get a dog when finally I had the lifestyle to accommodate him.

Thank you for everyone’s kind comments and for allowing me to boast. It’s really made me smile.

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DramaAlpaca Mon 24-Aug-20 20:14:54

What a fantastic photo!

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