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PinkPonyTail Sat 22-Aug-20 06:43:02

I grew up with parents who ran dog boarding kennels so I know what dog owning is like however I’m now thinking of getting a dog for my own family.

However, I’m worried as I work 3 days a week. Husband works locally so could nip home to check on the dog but it would basically be on its own 9-4 3 days a week.

The dog would be in the house, so I’d leave tv/radio etc on but I’m worried it would be lonely.

I know someone who is a professional dog walker so she could exercise it on these days.

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FortunesFave Sat 22-Aug-20 06:50:23

I just wouldn't. I wanted a dog badly for years but it wasn't until I began working from home full time that we got one. They're social creatures.

BiteyShark Sat 22-Aug-20 06:56:47

When I got my puppy I was in the office three times a week.

I took just over a month off to settle the dog at home and then mine went to a dog walker all day who did daycare. Mine was ok for 2-3 hours at around 13 weeks but no more and even then I had worked in leaving him everyday to build up the time.

Honestly leaving a puppy home all day even with one person coming in for a short time is most likely to end up in disaster.

You might get the odd person who said their puppy was fine but I think the majority would struggle. If you look at the puppy survival threads on here you will see the number of people struggling with being able to leave their puppy for 15 mins let alone several hours.

UnfinishedSymphon Sat 22-Aug-20 07:12:54

No. Just no.

Medievalist Sat 22-Aug-20 07:50:31

Don't assume you know about dog ownership just because you grew up with dogs. Growing up with them and being responsible for them are very different.

Please don't get a dog to leave it on its own that much. It's really unfair. Lots of people will say they know lots of people who do it and the dog is "fine". Just because lots of people do it does not make it okay and I'd bet my bottom dollar their dogs aren't "fine".

seadog1977 Sat 22-Aug-20 07:56:55

I'm in exactly the same position as you , work 3 days a week , generally back in the house by 2.30, however when we get a pup , hopefully next year . I will be taking a month off to settle it , and then it will be going to doggy day care for half a day . It will be picked up by 9.30am so only left for a hour , and I will pick it up just after 2, before i go and pick the kids up.

That way , the dog will be well socialised and exercised while I'm out .

Twirlytwoo Sat 22-Aug-20 08:06:19

My local dog walker does two 30 minute visits a day with dogs so they aren't left for too long, could that be a possibility? Not all dogs are happy to be left and it's something that needs to be built up. Alternatively have you got a neighbour who is retired or works from home who could keep the pup company until it is older and can settle on its own?

Puppies are hard work, what about rescuing an older dog which would be happy to be left for longer periods?


fivedogstofeed Sat 22-Aug-20 08:15:00

Not only would a puppy be lonely, but he wouldn't be housetrained and wouldn't be safe left in the house for that long.

Paranoidmarvin Sun 23-Aug-20 06:14:15

I cannot say this enough and enough times. Every dog is different. Just because joe bloggs dog down the street is fine being left alone doesn’t mean urs will be.

You could end up with a dog that has separation anxiety. Even though u take all the correct steps. You then have a major problem on ur hands.

I wouldn’t get a dog to leave it along for that much during the day but that’s just me.

You may be lucky and have a perfect dog. But I’m not sure they exist to be honest. It took me months and months of training slowly at my last dogs speed and how it was comfortable enough to be left. And I mean months.

I don’t have a dog now. I love love love dogs. But. I’m out of the house a lot as my job changed. As much as I want one and miss having one I have not got one. Please think carefully

vanillandhoney Sun 23-Aug-20 07:44:15

No no no. Far too long to leave a puppy on its own. If you want a dog you'll need to pay for daycare (but lots won't take very young puppies) or a sitter (but again that might be difficult as many people who pet sit also dog walk).

A dog walker won't be a huge amount of use as a puppy can't be walked very far. Besides, who's going to toilet train it if you're not there? Who'll feed it? Who will keep it company and train it and play with it?

I'm a walker and I do puppy visits but that's normally for thirty minutes while the owner is out for a couple of hours, or so the puppy gets used to someone else walking it for when it's older.

LaughingDonkey Sun 23-Aug-20 07:53:19

I would consider doggy daycare. I don't think it is good idea to leave a pup alone for longer than 4 hours at the time. Plus puppies have smaller bladders and would need to be taken out to potty more often.

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