Foxtail in paw

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MrsBooks Fri 21-Aug-20 23:11:34

We noticed that DDog (11 y/o Yorkie) was chewing at his paw yesterday, I tried to have a look but we was not having it at all, tried to bite me everytime I tried to see what was going on. Luckily he has no teeth so no harm done! We clipped him today as he was quite overdue and noticed the same paw was very red and swollen, with some clear ooze coming from between his pads. I felt something sharp on the top of his paw and managed to pull out a foxtail. There was a little bit of bleeding but even with a squeeze, no pus. He is immediately 100% more comfortable and will now allow us to make a proper inspection. He's had a bath and a good clean of the area. Anything else I need to do? Salt water rinses etc? Does it warrant a vet appointment would you think? Thanks for any advice!

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Sitdowncupoftea Sat 22-Aug-20 00:19:44

I always have lucillan handy. Its for animals a antiseptic spray. Look on amazon. I have to pull thorns out of my dogs pads regular. I clean them up and spray with luecillan.

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