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Nosenseofhumour Fri 21-Aug-20 17:19:23

hoping for some advice please though may need a prof trainer.
We recently (3 weeks) ago adopted a 9 year old rescue spaniel (male, neutered) , already have same breed spaniel (female, also neutered). In the main, going very well, but two biggish issues. The female is a bit of a food guarder with boy dog (not with humans, we can take away with no reaction as we trained her in that as a pup), but she goes for the new dog when their meals are put down - we now put girl's dinner in her crate for her to eat and boy gets his in the normal place. Anything we can do to help ease this situation? And the other issue is boy can be quite barky when he's getting impatient (eg getting ready to go out, me getting up and dressed in the morning for first walk etc). Girl understandably doesn't like the barking in her face and reacts, and he is now a bit scared of her.
We so far tried ignoring the barking, and giving him a large toy like a rope chew so he cant bark, but neither is being especially effective.
Any suggestions please? I realise it's early days but also dont want any behaviour patterns being strongly established and i dont want boy dog being scared, he's very sociable and loving sad, but so is girl dog on her own!

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Dreamersandwishers Fri 21-Aug-20 17:37:50

Hi, I have 2 labs and one is very food driven. From the first day that ddog2 arrived, we have fed them in different rooms., or one of us stays with them. There was no guarding from either, but if the female so much as pauses for breath, big brother has his snout in her bowl. If I tell him to leave her he will, just needs reminding.
As to the barking, yes we had that from 2nd dog. You are doing the right thing by ignoring it. He’s obviously excited and happy that a walk is coming. Can he do a down stay while you get ready? Could you send them both to a mat or bed? Maybe try doing that for short periods at random times, and then try it before a walk? Obviously reward them with whatever motivates them as you go.

Nosenseofhumour Fri 21-Aug-20 19:38:32

Thanks glad not just me! He can't do down stay, has learned sit, working on stay but not more than a couple of seconds. Girl can do indefinite stay if food rewards 🤣

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