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WhatNowFrantic Wed 19-Aug-20 20:16:45

Can anyone recommend a good no pull harness suitable for a large Lab please?
Preferably from Amazon.

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Blankblankblank Wed 19-Aug-20 21:22:17

We used a halti on our lab

Only unti she was well trained. After working with her with the halti she spent the rest of her life trotting along beside us and never pulled.

WhatNowFrantic Wed 19-Aug-20 21:55:21

Thanks, I had not thought of one that goes over the face. He has a harness now from pets at home but he pulls like a train on itgrin

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GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Wed 19-Aug-20 21:59:23

Too posh to pull Facebook page is posh pods. Has my Dalmatian walking to heel amazingly

WhatNowFrantic Thu 20-Aug-20 10:46:49

Thankyou! I will have a look

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Kaykay066 Thu 20-Aug-20 11:13:44

Do you use both clips? Can your dog walk to heal on a lead and collar? I’ve never used a harness as my dog was a guide dog pup they train with lead and collar but he never pulled because he was taught not to. My mum uses a harness for her dog and it’s important not to impede shoulders and use both clips so you need a long lead which is better for control. She’s recommended a Copenhagen harness for my pup and is sending some for me to try before I buy my own.

LatteLover12 Thu 20-Aug-20 11:19:34

We've got a 'walk your dog with love' harness. We ordered it online (I think they're American) and it's been brilliant so far. Totally recommend.


ButterflyWitch Thu 20-Aug-20 11:20:01

We use a sense-ible harness. it's GREAT

ButterflyWitch Thu 20-Aug-20 11:20:27

although I'm pretty sure we didn't pay the price in that link!!!!!

DeathByPuppy Thu 20-Aug-20 11:21:28

I’ve got a big, strong teenaged lab (32.5kg and all muscle) and he also pulls like a traction engine. He’s pulled me over several times and is dangerous near roads (he’s not scared of them, just headstrong). We’re trying to lead train but it’s an ongoing battle [grimace]. I’ve just bought one of those 2posh2pull head collars as recommended by @GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough, fingers crossed! I’ve seen head collars before and not liked them because they’ve looked a bit abrasive and aversive but these look soft and a bit gentler. We’ll see.

WhatNowFrantic Thu 20-Aug-20 21:58:11

@Kaykay066 the harness I have only has 1 clip on the back,, from what I understand I need one that clips on the back and front? On the way home from his walk he walks like a dream, it's just on the way to the park hes so excited to get there I have a job to hold him! Hes almost 2 and weighs 40kg!

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Crocky Thu 20-Aug-20 22:00:38

I’ve been recommended the perfect fit harness by our trainer. Only just ordered it so not had chance to try it yet. I believe it clips front and back and have been told it’s been designed to allow normal joint movements.

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Thu 20-Aug-20 22:34:58

@DeathByPuppy let me know how you get on it's a proper game changer for us

DeathByPuppy Fri 21-Aug-20 10:16:22

@GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough, I will! He’s a lovely, gentle dog in all other respects, just extremely keen on the lead.

Dreamersandwishers Fri 21-Aug-20 19:20:01

Perfect fit or Trulove. They have front & back rings and a grab hand,d. Nicely cushioned. 2 fit strong labs here. Managed to hold them as we went down steep steps to the beach this morning 👍🏻

WhatNowFrantic Sun 30-Aug-20 08:05:08

Thanks everyone. I got doggo a Truelove harness.
It fits him perfectly and has a front and back attachment. We had a lovely walk with it yesterday. And he looks very handsome!

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