The puppy has lost his mind

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TrufflePioneer Mon 17-Aug-20 18:27:06


We have a border terrier puppy, 7 and a half months. He's generally a delight - daft as a brush, a happy soul, very easy going, non-barky and mostly obedient if a bit lairy at times.

Last week we were away in our campervan (his first full week away) and he was fabulous - lay quietly outside the van each day, taking in all the sights and greeting passing people and dogs without any barking. Came with us on outings to villages, pubs and cafes, the beach, etc - he was an absolute star.

Now we're home, and he's suddenly a first class knobhead. Frantically attention seeking, for all the hours he is awake. He is typically walked for 45 mins in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening (mindful of his age, he's still growing), and he gets interaction from us throughout the day including 10 mins "training" most lunchtimes (just standard stuff to keep his training ticking over - sit, down, stay, find the treats, go to your mat, etc etc). He has free access to the garden and can come and go as he pleases, he is allowed anywhere in the house and on the furniture. Just saying. blush

Now he is suddenly PESTERING all day long to play. Pushing toys onto our legs, tripping us up, demand barking, whining. We ignore and ignore and reward for a calm settle, but he's up again in seconds and pestering. He can keep it going for hours - yesterday he pestered and fussed for 4 hours before he finally gave in and napped. Then he pestered our visitors and eventually had to be shut in another room (like a time out) for climbing on them.

When ignored he just plays noisily by himself, barking and squealing at his toys and chasing his tail. Today he's had an hours walk this morning (DH got lost), and 20 minutes this evening including 5 mad minutes playing with another dog. I fed him when we got in but he's been galloping around the room wailing and flinging his grunty pig around for the last hour. He just. Won't. Stop.

He's also pissed on the carpet more in the last 48 hours than he has in the last 2 months - we'd 99% cracked it although we have to be watchful if it's raining, he doesn't like peeing in the rain. Since we've been home he is almost freely weeing indoors - earlier he looked DH in the eye and weed on the floor. I am having to physically carry him outside and place him on the grass (the puppy, not DH).

I don't know what's going on with him, he had his moments before but rarely as persistent a pain in the arse as he is just now. Is it hormonal, will it pass? He has a retained testicle so he'll have to have an op anyway, but not until 12 months to ensure he has all the testosterone he needs for his growth.

No doubt it's us inadvertently reinforcing some behaviour somewhere...he is on 2 meals a day of Wellness Core puppy kibble with some vegetables.

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RiaRoth Mon 17-Aug-20 18:34:38

Nope not you just the joys of teenage dogs - this too will pass.

TrufflePioneer Mon 17-Aug-20 19:23:41

Ha, thanks. He's spent the last 25 minutes staring fixedly at the pocket I had treats in on our last walk (now empty), going through his repertoire of sits and downs and whining. He's such a prick, we call him Prickle. grin

OMG, as I typed that last sentence he's heaved a massive sigh and flopped out beside me. Thank fuck for that, I can watch some telly in peace.

Oh. Nope, he's up again. Looks like the pig is gonna get it.

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FizzAfterSix Mon 17-Aug-20 19:27:42

Could you think about adopting another dog? I’ve always had 2 dogs and it’s so much easier as they entertain themselves.

Girliefriendlikespuppies Mon 17-Aug-20 19:34:50

This sounds like my teen dog! We also took him away for a few days and he was angelic only to turn into devil dog when we got home 🙄

The wee'ing inside is naughty though, has he definitely not got a wee infection or anything?

TrufflePioneer Mon 17-Aug-20 20:12:15

Oh yes Fizz, we would certainly consider a 2nd dog - but we thought it made sense to wait until he was older and better trained before introducing one?

Really Girlie, isn't it weird! Dunno about the weeing really, he's not going more than usual. It's revenge pissing for not paying him enough attention.

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sillysmiles Tue 18-Aug-20 11:54:54


Oh yes Fizz, we would certainly consider a 2nd dog - but we thought it made sense to wait until he was older and better trained before introducing one?

Really Girlie, isn't it weird! Dunno about the weeing really, he's not going more than usual. It's revenge pissing for not paying him enough attention.

I definitely think you are better having his training solid before you introduce another dog.

Maybe he is missing his holiday adventures?? grin He does sound brilliant though!


Bigsighall Tue 18-Aug-20 12:11:43

Maybe he’s over tired / over stimulated?

suziedoozy Tue 18-Aug-20 12:17:10

Sounds like a typical 7mth old BT to me - I have 2 of them and the boy was insane until he was about 4... he is almost 8 and is currently running circles around our (quite large) lawn!!

Love the breed but they are quite challenging!

Sorry I can’t help more!

doodleygirl Tue 18-Aug-20 15:32:37

I think he enjoyed having so much attention and fun times on your holiday he is a bit pissed now he is home grin

TrufflePioneer Tue 18-Aug-20 15:43:53

Hmm yes maybe the stimulation on holiday - being able to see all comings and goings all day long, and going off for walks several times a day - makes home life as a dog a bit boring. There are no windows he can see out of - we're reluctant to set him up with a window seat in case he starts barking at every movement (like our old dog did).

I've been on a remote call much of the day and he just lays down in my office making high pitched whistling noises and staring at me. I wouldn't mind but DH is downstairs and has even been out in the garden, why can't he amuse himself out there?! He has plenty of chews available (yakkers, a root chew, beef hide, nylabones etc).

I'm in the process of slowly changing him over from a high carb food (Burns) to a higher protein, lower carb kibble (Wellness Core). He keeps coming into my office and whining for a while, farts, then quickly leaves the room leaving me in the devil's gas cloud. I don't think much of the new food if that's the effect on his arse, he smells like a sewer.

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TrufflePioneer Wed 19-Aug-20 07:40:46

It's pouring with rain this morning and despite DH taking him outside for a morning pee, the dog galloped indoors out of the rain, rushed up the stairs and unleashed a gallon of piss on the landing.

I blame DH for that one - if it's raining you have to be proactive and pick the dog up, place him on the grass and tell him to go wee. You can't just wander out, and state that the puppy "won't go" when he doesn't follow you out.

It's going to be stair rods all day and I have another full day remote meeting. I'm just going to have to take breaks to physically plonk him on the grass every 2-3 hours. I hope to God this stage passes and he's not still doing it as an adult.

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TrufflePioneer Wed 19-Aug-20 14:27:32

OMG. I've been stuck on a call and couldn't leave, DH went out. Pup went out in the rain for a big poo, picked up a soaking wet stick in the garden and dragged it in through the dog flap, galloped round the house with it spraying everything in wet dirt, then pissed on the bedroom carpet.

I despair.

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BiteyShark Wed 19-Aug-20 14:35:30

With the peeing you are going to have to go back to basics. That means watching him all the time, taking him out and staying out until he pees and then praising like mad.

Limit any damage by limiting the time places he can go in the house using doors or baby gates. Only allow more roaming for good behaviour.

7 months is just starting to push boundaries so it's important to firm up and continue the training,

TrufflePioneer Wed 19-Aug-20 16:08:56

<sigh> Yes I know you're right. I haven't really restricted his movement around the house when it rains as he only really has 2 places he pees (despite repeatedly shampooing the carpet and applying truckloads of enzyme spray). But we have been back to basics and taken him outside at regular intervals on wet days, he just stands there looking pathetic and refusing to go. Yet very nicely goes out in the rain to poop.

On dry days he's good as gold, wouldn't dream of peeing indoors. Today it's raining and it has just been lack of availability to watch him properly really, I can't watch him when I'm doing a remote client meeting and can't leave the screen for 3 hours at a time.

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