Found one flea.

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nancybotwinbloom Sun 16-Aug-20 23:08:41

I found one flea today on my dog.

I have two cats and a dog. All treated regularly once a month with itch.

House sprayed at the same time as the flea treatments.

We have no soft furnishings or carpet except the beds.

Does one flea mean i am infested?

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PermaStress Sun 16-Aug-20 23:09:49

I'm sorry to say that it's very rarely just one flea sad

Sitdowncupoftea Mon 17-Aug-20 15:37:27

I would say where there's one there's more. Be vigilant with cleaning and hoover get flea spray and powder for your home. Let your dogs and cats access everywhere. If they have flea treatment they are walking killing machines.

nancybotwinbloom Tue 18-Aug-20 07:13:44

I did all this yesterday and washed all bedding etc etc. So frustrating as they are treated once a month and the indorex once a month also.

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TheoriginalLEM Tue 18-Aug-20 07:14:59

What is the active ingredient in itch?

TheoriginalLEM Tue 18-Aug-20 07:20:07

Just googled and there's your answer - fipronil! Fleas, over the years, have developed resistance to it.

You need to get a decent product from your vets.

One flea on a pet being treated isnt the end of the world, nothing kills them instantly but i would advise you change your flea products

nancybotwinbloom Wed 19-Aug-20 19:42:45

We get vets products for the dog - advocate

Itch - for the cats, thinks it's advocate.

So frustrating as we switched for front line 24 months ago as it wasn't as
Effective to Costco flea Treatment after 12 months, then to itch 6
Months ago. We got the dog seven months ago.

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