My dog is in season and SO miserable ..any tips?

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StillMedusa Sun 16-Aug-20 21:09:11

She's 15m and having her second season. Her breed club advice is to not spay her until she's 2..or longer , but she is so unhappy. She won't eat, she is listless and walks like she's 90, she even barked at her best friend, and she won't play won't do anything and she is bleeding heavily. Her first season was pretty easy so this has been a miserable surprise.
I know it's normal for them to behave differently but I feel so sorry for her and can't wait for her to get her sparkle back.
I'm going to discuss with the vet whether it would be ok to have her spayed (laoroscopically) in 4 months time rather than leaving it, even though I know there are cons to this.

Is there anything anyone can think of that I can do to cheer her up?! If she was a human I'd be giving her wine and chocolate :D

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RiaRoth Mon 17-Aug-20 13:52:32

Oh bless her. I think I would be tempted to have a quick call to the vet or vet nurse to check out the heavy bleeding (could be an infection) especially as it is a bit different from her first season.

She is probably fine and it is common for major behaviour changes but good to be sure. She needs a good netfix box set and a hot water bottle on the sofa(sad) . Best to let her do what she wants, lovely human chicken food often helps, or bits of cheese. Hand fed of course! Hopefully she will feel a bit more like herself soon.

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