What's wrong with my 14 year old lab?

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Dualipa Sun 16-Aug-20 10:23:07

She's always been incredibly greedy with food so it's really worrying me that she's been off her food the last few days. She's not herself at all, she seems different which probably sounds weird but it's true.
She keeps wanting to go outside to lick grass, had occasionally been sick but refuses breakfast everyday.
What could it be? Please be gentle I'm really worried.

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BiteyShark Sun 16-Aug-20 10:32:01

I don't know but I would be taking her to the vets for a checkup.

vanillandhoney Sun 16-Aug-20 12:18:36

With those symptoms I think you need to see a vet.

It could be anything from a sickness bug, to pancreatitis, to a blockage. Please get her seen ASAP.

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