Sudden loss of my boy

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GrimDamnFanjo Sun 16-Aug-20 16:07:07

Thank you @Pelleas for sharing. I think that's a huge part of what I'm experiencing.

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Pelleas Sun 16-Aug-20 13:57:24

My dog died suddenly - he was old so it perhaps wasn't as shocking as the death of a young dog - but he hadn't been ill (he'd just got back from his walk) I can't underestimate the trauma of witnessing him literally drop dead, and being unprepared for it.

Yes, it will grow less painful but it will take time - you have to let yourself grieve. Talking about it may help you process what has happened. flowers

Girlintheframe Sun 16-Aug-20 05:29:18

I'm so very sorry.
The shock you must be feeling must be terrible.
From my experience only time helps. Remember the good times, looking back at all the wonderful moments you had together and be gentle with yourself.

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 16-Aug-20 02:33:19

@LoveLastMinutesAndLostEvenings the postmortem found nothing. The vet said he'd never seen a dog die so suddenly - running on a beach at 4pm dead at 6pm.

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LoveLastMinutesAndLostEvenings Sun 16-Aug-20 02:29:18

What a terrible shock for you Grim, I am so sorry. Time will help, allow yourself to grieve and be kind to yourself. Perhaps a post-mortem will help you understand what has happened and help you achieve closure?

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 16-Aug-20 02:10:42

Thank you. I have never felt any loss like this. I think perhaps the trauma of the event has had a compounding effect.
He was such a fab little dog. The house is so empty..

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mintyt Sun 16-Aug-20 02:08:22

I am so sorry, the hurt will fade. Remember we all grieve in our own way and heal in our one time


GrimDamnFanjo Sun 16-Aug-20 02:05:28

Only two and died on a night away with us. In front of our eyes.Unexplained by post mortem but probably shock due to blood loss from vomiting etc.
I really can't cope. I think I'm literally going mad with grief.
My previous dog was pts at 13. We were sad but I'm just in a terrible state with this loss.
This is day four. Please tell me it will get better?

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