How to get puppy to nap

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Egginton29 Sat 15-Aug-20 14:58:38

Hi everyone

I’ve been reading all of your posts with interest since we got a lurcher pup three weeks ago. He’s 11 weeks now and is getting there slowly with toilet training but I am really struggling to make sure he has enough sleep in the day because he will not nap at all unless an adult is nearby at all times.

I know he’s a baby still so I’m not expecting him to sleep by himself for hours at all but is it too early to expect him to nap for short periods without company? He will fall asleep at my feet while I’m working at my desk but if I move at all to get a drink or go to the loo he instantly wakes and follows me. So unless I stay still for hours on end, he’s definitely not getting uninterrupted sleep. Which then leads to overtiredness and crazy biting most afternoons, poor thing.

I’d love for him to sleep in his crate in the day. We’ve set it up so it’s dark and cosy but he has no interest in it at all.

Does anyone have any tips?

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PuckyMup Sat 15-Aug-20 17:19:00

How happy is he in is crate over all? Try feeding all his meals in it, hide yummy things in it for him to find, just make it a safe happy space.

If he’s ok with the crate (doesn’t scream or freak out) the take him to the garden, have a mad 5 minutes game, get him to toilet then try popping him into his crate with a chew toy (Something like a kong with a little bit of peanut butter or yoghurt in) when you settle down to work (pop him out for a wee first) and leave him - he needs to learn to self settle I think

Egginton29 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:40:36

Thank you, that’s really helpful advice. He’s not overly happy in his crate either so that’s our next focus.

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JayAlfredPrufrock Sat 15-Aug-20 20:46:54

Facebook group Dog Training Advice and Support is where you need to go.

Everything you need.

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