English Toy Terriers?

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moosemama Sat 15-Aug-20 13:25:46

We lost our beloved Lurcher at the start of June. He was a heart dog for both dh and I and losing him absolutely broke us both.

We’re nowhere near ready for another dog just yet and still have our almost 15 year old Lurcher, so it wouldn’t be fair to bring in a pup anyway.

We’ve had dog for 30 years, all but one being rescues and hard as it has been to accept, we think this time we are going to go for a pup, rather than take on another rescue. The boy we just lost had a really bad start, which set him up for problems for life and ultimately, probably resulted in the truly awful illness we nursed him through 24/7 for 18 months before we lost him.

I have been torturing myself looking at rescues, feeling like I should take on another, but every single time I look at Lurchers or other sighthounds I get really upset about my boy and can’t imagine having another and I will admit the idea of having another dog with so many issues is not something I think I can face.

So, we have decided, this time we are going to go for a well researched, well bred pedigree, that we can raise from a pup. We did this once before, after losing another heart dog to cancer. He was also a particularly difficult rescue, with severe fear aggression to both people and dogs and we were both burned out and wanted, for once, to have a dog we could do everything right with. That worked out really well. We had our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier girl. Took her through her Gold Good Citizen award, did agility, heelwork to music, all sorts with her and she was an awesome, take anywhere, do anything, kind of a dog. We both feel we need that again this time, with a long term plan, after this last pup, to start taking in the elderly, no-one wants, kind of rescues, which has always been the plan.

So, we have looked at just about every breed possible. We are both usually big dog people, but dh was adamant he would like a small breed this time, partly I think due to the astronomical vet bills for larger breeds, partly because it would mean we could finally downsize the car and not have half the house taken over by massive dog beds everywhere (current dog has three in our kitchen and living room alone) and partly because I think he has always missed the lap cuddles he had with our second rescue. Not to mention, having a totally different breed will help us move on and not dwell on what we went through with our boy.

We weren’t intending to go ‘toy breed’. We were looking at Whippets originally, then considered Norfolk Terriers. We’ve spent ages looking at breed profiles and reading owner experiences and English Toy Terrier keeps coming up. This morning, I think we’ve finally agreed that we all think it is the right breed for us.

So, we are at the point of maybe starting to contact breeders to get on waiting lists, on the understanding that we won’t be wanting a pup until we no longer have our old dog. Is that a sensible approach? We are not really au fait with typical protocol around approaching breeders. (With our Wheaten we went on the breed club waiting list and 18 months later a breeder contacted us.)

In the meantime, does anyone have any experience of ETT’s or have any thoughts on considerations we may not have thought of?

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