Working cocker or English springer spaniel

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DotTheCaddy Sat 15-Aug-20 10:09:16

Dh and I hoping to get a dog later this year once we move to a bigger house.

My family have always had springers so I was fairly certain this was the breed for us, as I love their energy and temperament. However I'm also looking at cockers, the ones I've met seem lovely but I dont have much experience with the breed.

Could anyone who has experience with both let me know how they are similar/different to help with our decision?


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MaryLennoxsScowl Sat 15-Aug-20 11:03:03

I have a WCS and have friends with springers. They are similarly high energy and need lots of walking and mental stimulation, but I’ve noticed that the springers are much more bouncy/bonkers as puppies/young dogs (not that the WCS don’t have their moments!), and I gather they are more trouble in the house as they don’t like to sit still. I’d think if you are used to springers you’d have no trouble with a WCS and the WCS tend to be calmer in between bouts of energy. It’s springers people always seem to mean when they say spaniels are bonkers! If you’re looking for a calmer spaniel in general then look for one without an illustrious pedigree of field trials champions - the closer they are to a champion the harder work they’ll be as a pet as they’ll need to use their brains so much.

Borderstotheleftofme Sat 15-Aug-20 11:40:12

Working cocker.

vanillandhoney Sat 15-Aug-20 12:28:29

They're both brilliant breeds but personally I think cockers are slightly calmer and not quite as...mad spaniel, haha.

The other "breed" to consider would be a sprocker so you get a mixture of both? They're commonly bred as working dogs and they're adorable. I walk one and she is absolutely lovely!

KnobChops Sat 15-Aug-20 13:30:24

Cockers are lovely dogs and easier to walk!

DotTheCaddy Sat 15-Aug-20 13:39:06

Thanks all.

@vanillandhoney I hadn't even considered a sprocker, will look into them too thanks!

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Lifeispassingby Sat 15-Aug-20 16:39:31

We have a cocker as I had also had springers in my family and when growing up. We didn’t want too high maintenance lol. She has been great, so easy to train and a great temperament too


petalpower Sat 15-Aug-20 17:35:18

Get a sprocker! Ours is 13 weeks old and fab.

DotTheCaddy Sat 15-Aug-20 19:36:10

Where would people recommend looking for sprockers? Am in the south west but guessing wont be able to find a breeder through the KC

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 15-Aug-20 23:31:11

Gamekeepers sometimes breed sprockers.

If you are looking at a working-line spaniel but not planning to work it, take a good look at the pedigree and ask whether the parents of the litter work or not. If you want an active pet, you probably don't want a dog with a pedigree packed with recent field trial champions: any progeny are highly likely to be high octane and very prey driven. If you can find a litter where the parents live happily as pets, you have probably found a fairly low-drive litter. Active, bright, but not bramble-bashing madly on every single walk.

TokyoSushi Sat 15-Aug-20 23:38:24

We have a Sproodle, he has an English Springer mum and a Labradoodle dad, he's the most fabulous dog! Bouncy springer, full of fun and energy but a touch of labrador gives him the most gentle lovely nature, I'd highly reccommend!

vanillandhoney Sun 16-Aug-20 08:43:53

For sprockers - try a gundog or retrieving dog forum and ask about on there for breeders. You probably won't find well-bred ones outside of that area I don't think.

The one I walk came from a breeder who breeds working dogs - the couple who rehomed her also have her WCS brother. They're both bonkers but I'd say the sprocker was slightly stockier in build and a little calmer too. She's gorgeous and has the most gentle personality - here you go!

leafeater Sun 16-Aug-20 09:04:28

We got our working cocker from someone who bred for gamekeepers. She had pedigree litters and then non pedigree working cockers, mixed with a bit of springer a few generations ago, to get longer legs smile

DotTheCaddy Sun 16-Aug-20 09:36:30

Thanks for all the helpful comments smile

@vanillandhoney ah she is lovely!

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