10 week puppy routine.

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Munkeyface Sat 15-Aug-20 08:33:03

I posted the other day about struggling with puppy.
Basically put my big girl pants on and trying to get used to it.
Things marginally better last couple of days.
Question is can anyone in a similar situation please share an average day.

At the moment he wakes 730ish.
Outside for a while whilst he wees and explores.

In for breakfast around 8am
Back outside

General follow me around avoid being billed etc.

Into crate around 10 ish when showing signs of being sleepy.

Wake 1130-12 ish
Outside play

This goes on until the evening.
Bed at around 930.
We take him out for a wee around midnight

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eclipsechips Sat 15-Aug-20 10:47:55

It does get better I promise! I have a 12week old and a 1yr old - this is their daily routine, I WFH (even pre COVID)

6/6:30am wake and go out to toilet in garden
7am breakfast
7:30am the little one tends to need out again
Then they tend to pay together for an hour of so (they're not interested in me - if I try to join they play with me for 5 minutes then they just want to play together)
8:30/9ish the little one tends to nap until noon and the bigger one has a short one in between this then loves lying in the back porch watching the world go by.
Noon the little one goes out again then they play together again
1pm lunch
After lunch the little one goes out again then has a nap for 30mins/1hr before playing again
5pm We all go out for a walk (the breed that they are doesn't need lots of walks)
7pm dinner
8:30pm both brushed before bed at 9pm

Sometimes they wake and bark during the night and we need to get up to let them out but last night was our first full night's sleep since we got the little one.

They both tend to follow me around the house while I either work or do housework throughout the day too.

pupstersdream Sat 15-Aug-20 12:10:13

Our pup is 12 weeks and I’ve come to realise we have been incredibly lucky. We only loosely have a routine and it’s been all over the place in the recent heat.

A few things that have made a big difference:
Scatter feeding. It takes pup 10-15 mins to eat, tires him a bit and gives me time for something else (especially cup of tea in morning)
Realising that bitey/ jumping behaviour often means over tired and letting him nap uninterrupted (often difficult as dc always want to play)
Making sure we leave him for periods of time every day - only short ones before anyone jumps on me- but he needs to be left when dc back at school and I have work calls etc
Loads of training. We have a chart and dc mark what they have done that day so we try to cover a bit of everything every day in short bursts.

Hang in there it will get better!

pupstersdream Sat 15-Aug-20 12:12:36

Oh and I forgot different treats. We were using kibble but it was quite tough at times. Now I mix kibble with sausage, fish skin or chicken to make it smell more appealing!

nearly50andstillhavenoidea Sat 15-Aug-20 22:16:57

Can I jump in please?? we picked up 8 week old pup today (cocker spaniel) I amcrate training and he's been really good in there. He slept tonight from 8pm to 945pm then went out for a wee, back into the crate, whined for 10 minutes and is now quiet. Do I wake him again to take him out before I go to bed?

Breeder said she left him and his two brothers last night at 10pm and they were dry at 7am this morning? I didn't think their bladders could hold for that long this young??

pupstersdream Sat 15-Aug-20 22:24:09

I asked that question when I brought pup home the first night he slept from 915 (too himself to crate) until we got up at 6am. It felt to long, but he seems totally fine. If we know we aren’t getting up early we tend to wake him at 1030-11 for a wee, but he’s not always interested.

Last week I overslept and didn’t wake until 745am. He wasn’t crying and has never had an accident at night.

So I think some pups are just better at it, or have come from breeders used to it

cpjoli Sat 15-Aug-20 22:31:19

Mine is now 20 weeks. He has slept through from about 12 weeks. We were waking up to go out for wees about 2 times a night. He generally gets up around 6am, wats, then back to sleep for an hour. Walk around 7.30. The rest if the day us sleep, eat play repeat. Sone days are better than others!!! It does get better though and they find their own pattern.


vagshapedbox Sat 15-Aug-20 22:42:29

Sounds like they're settling into a routine ok.
Ours is 20 weeks and is following our other dog's routine really, luckily they like to nap.
Up at 6 for short walk.
Breakfast at around 7.30.
Bit of play and lots of naps and quiet time.
Lunch about 12.30/1.
There's usually a bit of a crazy time in the afternoon then a crash.
Dinner is at 6, then the witching hour where they go batshit! 😄
We usually have a quick grooming session each evening.
Bed when we go.
Lots of toilet breaks during the day and they're clean in the house apart from a couple of accidents.

Munkeyface Sun 16-Aug-20 07:53:00

So my next question..
had friends over last night. Puppy in crate for 930.
Straight to sleep.
I took him outside at 1130 and he had a wee.
It is now nearly 8am. He is quite but admittedly we are not downstairs yet. My husband has said to enjoy a lie in.
Do I wait until I hear him bark!?

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pupstersdream Sun 16-Aug-20 08:00:04

I wouldn’t. There is a limit as to how long he can hold his bladder so you’ll be encouraging accidents. My pup doesn’t seem to bark/ cry in mornings but when I’ve left him a bit later he’s desperate for a wee!

You seem to have a lovely well behaved pup in that front!

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