Dog bites girl

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Whyarewefruit Fri 14-Aug-20 22:22:37

I just want a sense check please, because I'm not sure if I'm underreacting or if this is ok.

We have a seven-year-old boxer and a four-year-old child. Child and boxer have always got along famously, no issues. I was always very careful not to leave them alone together when younger.

Today, DP was in the kitchen attached to the living room, and I was upstairs when Dd starts crying. Apparently, dog was "having a bad dream" and DD went to wake her up "to stop her having a bad dream".

Dog nipped DD on the hand, but didn't break the skin. 5 minutes later, DD was fine again.

I have given DD the lecture yet again about not touching/disturbing dog when she's sleeping (dog's bed is in a corner of the living room) and dog has also 'apologised' via a family hug.

Is this ok, or am i being naive/stupid/cruel? Is there something more i should be doing?

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Feralkidsatthecampsite Fri 14-Aug-20 22:26:41

Same scenarios happened here over the years op. If your ddog had meant to savage your dc it would have. Ddog disturbed, instant reaction it snapped , dc left it alone. Incident over imo.
Maybe a gated area for ddoggy sleep time? No reason to big this up to be more than you have seen it for op..

Feralkidsatthecampsite Fri 14-Aug-20 22:27:59

Dd once stood on ddog in a Heelie. Ddog snapped at her leg and broke the skin.
A non incident...
Hope your dd is OK.
Our ddog also apologised.

IncrediblySadToo Fri 14-Aug-20 22:30:08

It's what I'd do

She woke the dog up (albeit with good intentions) and he reacted as he woke. He didn't bite her.

It's all fine, just remind DD again that calling the dog when it's asleep is the way to go about stopping a bad dream

If she's scared now just talk about what she'd do if someone woke her up abruptly when she was sleeping, would she get a fright & lash out etc.

Do expect numerous posts telling you that you're a terrible parent for leaving them in the dNe room & that the dog MUST be PTS.


Pacif1cDogwood Fri 14-Aug-20 22:34:14

Dogs have a shitting end and a biting end.

All of us dog owners need to be aware of that.

There is never no risk when dog and children mix.

I think in your case no lasting damage was done, your DD needs to have learnt from this (leave sleeping dogs alone, whether dreaming or not) and hopefully that is the end of it.

Fwiw, the only time I have been bitten by a dog was aged 3 when I stepped on the family dog's tail - a bit like in your scenario, he reacted, did not break skin, and was immediately v contrite.
My own rather large greyhound has snapped at DS4, 5 at the time, when as it turned out the next day, he was miserable with a painful anal abscess that we had not recognised yet.

Dogs are not risk free pets. I just happen to think that their plus sides outweigh the risks.

Whyarewefruit Fri 14-Aug-20 22:37:38

Ok, thank you all for confirming the non-incidentness of the situation. I feel reassured.Thanks flowers

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Whyarewefruit Fri 14-Aug-20 22:40:59

Dd is not scared of dog, luckily, she just got a fright at the time, which is fair enough really. But they've been playing fine again since.

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AriesTheRam Fri 14-Aug-20 22:43:47

Ds disturbed our Chihuahua once and learnt the hard way.Noones fault, try and forget about it.

Feralkidsatthecampsite Fri 14-Aug-20 22:51:58

Bless your dd for being concerned about ddog having a bad dream though..
Sounds like her little heart is made to love her ddog..

Scattyhattie Fri 14-Aug-20 23:08:09

I think 4 is too young to leave unattended with a dog & it would be better to get into habit of avoiding the situation occurring again by using separation, than expect a child to remember to call & not approach the dog in future.

My dog will sometimes air snap if woken suddenly and its just unlucky if happen to be in the way for teeth to make contact but obviously small kids are much more likely to be in firing line . As a 7yr large breed would also consider if showing any other subtle signs of chronic pain as I know my dog hid her arthritis pain very well while awake but became bit grouchy at rest.

Illegitiminoncarborundum Fri 14-Aug-20 23:20:42

To be fair I would bite someone if they woke me up suddenly with no warning.

Fieldofgreycorn Sat 15-Aug-20 08:06:25

It’s quite common and normal for some dogs.

joystir59 Sat 15-Aug-20 09:04:35

No you wouldn't bite someone if you were woken suddenly without warning. Don't be fucking ridiculous

Illegitiminoncarborundum Sat 15-Aug-20 09:58:18


No you wouldn't bite someone if you were woken suddenly without warning. Don't be fucking ridiculous

Interesting how you have joy in your name and yet you name quite the opposite

Maybe you should go back to bed and get out the other side?

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