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Emilymorris37 Fri 14-Aug-20 18:51:04

Hi I pick up our first puppy next weekend and the only thing we don’t have for her is poo bags!
Just been on Amazon and there are so many different types. Do I need tie handles? The ones on a roll or the ones in a kind of tissue box? Scented ones? A dispenser?
Please just tell me which ones to get...
thanks Emily x

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GreyBudgie Fri 14-Aug-20 18:53:31

We use Tesco value nappy bags. Cheap as chips, just keep a few in your pocket.

Miranda15110 Fri 14-Aug-20 18:54:27

Once you go out for walks the bags on a roll are good. I tend to buy ecobags as they are biodegradable. Scented is good. You might want to pop a poop in your pocket till you find a bin smile

Emilymorris37 Fri 14-Aug-20 18:55:09

@GreyBudgie Thankyou so much do you have a photo of them so I know what I’m getting ? 😊

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QuestionableMouse Fri 14-Aug-20 18:58:10

You're over thinking this.

Buy whatever kind you fancy. I like a thicker plastic and biodegradable but unless they're really thin they're all pretty much alike.

DuchessAnnogovia Fri 14-Aug-20 19:00:07

Best bags I've found so far to use are Sainsbury's nappy bags. They are a good size and have tie up handles.....

Emilymorris37 Fri 14-Aug-20 19:00:10

@QuestionableMouse Ok thankyou so much I’ll just order some black ones thick as we are getting a German shepherd puppy so will need fairly big bags I’m guessing

Thankyou again 😊

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LovingLola Fri 14-Aug-20 19:00:11

Are you near a Tesco? If so go in and look at nappy bags. They also sell dog poo bags

Emilymorris37 Fri 14-Aug-20 19:01:21

@LovingLola I am yes I shall have a look as much easier than having to order online for poo bags
Thanks x

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StarSpangled372 Fri 14-Aug-20 20:15:13

Tie handles. Wilkos do really thick ones. Great of you want to put the poo in your bag or pocket until you can find a bin (by bag I mean dog walking bag not handbag!)

Fruitbowlflowers Fri 14-Aug-20 20:18:18

I don’t like the idea of nappy bags and thought ‘how many poo’s in my dogs lifetime am I going to put in a plastic bag?’ Made me want to go for biodegradable.
I order mine from amazon on subscribe and save therefore I never run out.

Floralnomad Fri 14-Aug-20 20:35:52

I wouldn’t get the really value ones as they are incredibly thin and flimsy . I generally use the Tesco Florence and Fred ( I think) which are the non value . If you want to be really good you should buy biodegradable ones .

pilates Fri 14-Aug-20 22:17:55

Nappy bags are better

MrsBungle Fri 14-Aug-20 22:22:54


I use these - toozey biodegradable.

Fosterdoggyproblems Tue 18-Aug-20 05:40:38

We have the ones that MrsBungle suggests. Please do get biodegradable ones if you can.

Noneformethanks Tue 18-Aug-20 05:42:24

Nappy bags here Too.

Use the cheap ones if I can’t get the ordinary ones but usually either Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s nappy bags.

vanillandhoney Tue 18-Aug-20 13:24:36

Don't get really cheap ones - they're flimsy and you really don't want to be putting your fingers through them grin

I buy Tesco scented ones. 100 for £1. I'm a dog walker and they suit all sizes of poo - from puppy to Rottweiler! Plus they're quite strong so don't rip or tear easily.

frustrationcentral Tue 18-Aug-20 13:25:39

I favour the wilkos ones, although they are on the expensive side. I think you get 20 for 50p but they're really thick and good quality

WildWaterSwimmer Tue 18-Aug-20 13:37:55

Having tried every poo bag / nappy sack there is, these are the best:


You definitely need:

Biodegradable for the environment;
Handles to easily tie the full bag;
Strong plastic so fingers don't puncture the bag; and
Avoid transparent bags as there's nothing worst than walking around with the poo visible inside the poop bag!

unlikelytobe Tue 18-Aug-20 19:48:18

Call me a cheapskate but I've been buying them from B&M - 300 for £1. They've never split on me (urgh, the very thought!) and cope with our small dog's offerings. They are meant to be scented but that doesn't last once you've opened the packet. They have tie handles but are not biodegradable I'm ashamed to say.

I take out a few on each walk and partially open them up before I go so I don't have to fiddle trying to get them open at the crucial moment. The temptation is to lick your fingers to pull the plastic bag open but not a good idea!

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