Canigen L2, then L4 - covered for first two strains?

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HollyGoSpritely Thu 13-Aug-20 14:19:02

Hi there, I've just come back from my vets having expected to have had full second lot of vaccines for my 10 week old puppy and therefore expected to be going out safe and sound in two week's time. His first vaccs were Canigen DHP and Canigen L2 two weeks ago at breeder vet but my vet doesn't do Canigen L2 so told me we had to start again with Canigen L4 which we did today but need to wait 4 weeks for the second lot and then another 2 weeks before we can go out. I'm devastated at this 4 week delay as he'll now be 16 weeks instead of 12 when we can properly go out and he'll miss so many socialisation opportunities in this critical period.

They did the second lot of Canigen DHP today so he'll be covered for that in 2 weeks. My question is, if he's had one lot of Canigen L2 and one lot of Canigen L4, will he be covered in 2 weeks time for the first two Lepto strains covered by Canigen L2? Or does it not work like that?
If it does work like that then I'd only be taking a risk of the two remaining (apparently very rare in UK) strains covered by Canigen L4 if I take him out proper in 2 weeks and I think I'm prepared to do that, but not if it doesn't cover for first two strains so would be good to know. Any advice gratefully received!

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SlothMama Thu 13-Aug-20 16:17:47

With lepto my vet advised to just stay away from streams and ponds where it's more likely until the vaccine had time to kick in. So we stuck to road walks as my breeder advised to spread out his vaccines due to potential auto immune issues in the breed. Once he was covered by DHP I had him out on road walks. Before then I was carrying him on walks to help with socialising.

Motorina Thu 13-Aug-20 22:21:31

There is one school of thought that the importance of early socialisation outweighs the pretty low risk of the puppy contracting a serious disease in that short window when they may be susceptible. This is certainly my view, and my most recent puppy was out and about, exploring the world, and being exposed to new things from literally the day after she came home. We may have ended exposing her to garden of my local pub, because priorities. You will have to weigh up the risks in your own mind, of course, but it would be a reasonable position to take.

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Kitcat47 Thu 13-Aug-20 22:27:50

The same thing happened to us. Our puppy had 1st injection with breeder at 8 weeks lepto 2. I booked him In at the same vets but a different branch near me. They dont use lepto2 so he had to have Lepto 4 vaccine. I could take him out a week later. He had another injection today 4 weeks later.

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