Insurance for 7 year old dog.

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MarcoPoloCX Thu 13-Aug-20 10:33:44

Mine just turned seven and I have received a notice to say the monthly premium will go up from £50 to £65.
£12,500 annual cover with life term policy.
It was twenty pounds at the beginning.
Never claimed before.
Is this a good deal?
I know the premium goes up with age.

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Scattyhattie Thu 13-Aug-20 12:16:39

Although you've not claimed has your dog seen the vets for anything other than vaccinations that could then be preexisting conditions if change insurer?

It does seem a big jump but I'm not sure if 7 is one of those insurance bands where risk suddenly deemed greater. Maybe give them a call to ask why, never know maybe able to wrangle a bit off. It does seem decent amount of cover for cost at least.

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