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Whistle with Fingers

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Jphunt Wed 12-Aug-20 22:56:06

I have always wanted to learn how to whistle with fingers would be useful mostly with dog or to get someone’s attention my DS who’s 14 can do it and his friends
Can you or your children do it ?
If so what situation do you or they do the whistle in & any tips on how to do it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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RiaRoth Thu 13-Aug-20 17:57:33

I would rather use an actual whistle than my fingers. After picking up dog poo, stroking a wet dog, giving them treats etc not sure I would love to shove my fingers in to my mouth to recall them on a walk. Sorry not what you were asking smile

StillMedusa Thu 13-Aug-20 23:17:58

I do.. I've always been able to wolf whistle with my fingers and it is very useful for recall. I don't tend to stroke other dogs and I am pretty good at poo picking with a double bag so so far I've not got poo on my hands yet grin
I do have an acme whistle too but my dh uses it.. my fingers are louder!

tabulahrasa Fri 14-Aug-20 00:09:35

Nope... I can barely whistle with just my mouth, lol

I use an acme one

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