Can you stop a dog from yapping?

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GrannyBags Wed 12-Aug-20 15:55:10

Let me start by saying I’m a cat lover, although I grew up with both cats and dogs. But I don’t understand dogs so wanted to ask some experts. Dog next door (gardens back on to each other) yaps at various times of the day and night, often for 15-20 minutes at a time. It’s very small - Jack Russell colours but tiny and has the kind of high pitched bark that goes right through you. During the day it’s annoying but at night it is waking us up. A few nights ago it was at 4.30 am! I spoke to the owner and she says there is nothing she can do about it, dogs bark and I just have to live with it. I suggested she keeps it in at night but it has a dog flap so he can go out for a wee. Is she right and there is nothing you can do to stop a dog barking? We always had bigger dogs like labradors and I don’t remember them barking randomly, only one ‘woof’ at the postman etc. Is a barking dog just part of life or should she be doing more?

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Belle1983 Wed 12-Aug-20 16:14:22

I believe you can train them to be quiet, but I guess a bit will be down to the cause.

I had a Scottish terrier, and as a puppy she was anxious when I left her (eg. I had her in kitchen with puppy gate and went upstairs etc).
I read up on positive reinforcement training, and used this to teach her to be quiet.
This involved me leaving her in the kitchen, me 'hiding' on the stairs with treats. When she barked, I would give a 'quiet' command and then reward the silence with a treat.

I'm no expert,but this had very good results.
I could have strangers in my house and she didn't bark, postman would stop Mail and she would make a squeak.

Dogs certainly shouldn't be causing a nuisance to neighbours, especially not at such an early hour.
It sounds like your neighbour may be a little irresponsible, so getting them to take action could be an issue.

GrannyBags Wed 12-Aug-20 16:39:25

Thanks. I did wonder about looking online for behaviour training info and popping something through the door but thought that might be a bit passive aggressive. I don’t want to upset her but what with the dog earlier in the week and now the storms I’m starting to feel sleep deprived!

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RiaRoth Wed 12-Aug-20 16:45:31

She does need to keep it in at night surely? It is a bit much asking you to just put up with it!

Keep the dog in a night, go out with it and if it barks she needs to bring it in again.

Sorry you are having to put up with this.

Borderstotheleftofme Wed 12-Aug-20 17:19:59

I don’t know, my own dog is trained not to bark in the house and virtually never does, not even at the door.

But honestly, I’m not sure how much is down to training and how much is genetic.
I’d like to think it’s my training skill wink but neighbour had a dog that was one half my breed and he was exceptionally quiet aswell so I’m inclined to think it may well be the breed.

Jacks (and most, if not all, small breeds it seems!) do have a reputation for being barky, certainly my MILs terriers are very noisy.

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