Taking Pup away for the first time in Travelodge

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IamEarthymama Tue 11-Aug-20 22:10:14

This is 5 month old FitzChivalry Farseer aka Fitz. He is a mixed breed, poodle and Bedlington Terrier and is a lovely boy.

We have decided to go away for a few days to Somerset next week before my furlough ends as my wife has wfh throughout.
We are booked into the Travelodge as we couldn’t get self catering accommodation for a few days and all the B&Bs were booked up.
(And we got a free night too 😉😊)

Any tips for ensuring that Young Master Fitz is not on guard 24/7 driving the other guests and us mad. He only barks here when people knock at the door, if the wind blows a neighbour’s gate back and forth or if people talk loudly outside our front door, which rarely happens. He does settle quite quickly.
He used to bark at the bin men and the local scrappies, more out of fear I think but we have reassured him and that has mostly stopped.

We have made the decision that if he is impossible we will come home the next day so we don’t spoil other people’s stay but I am really looking forward to this break and want him to enjoy it too!

So what tips does the doghouse have please?

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Girlintheframe Wed 12-Aug-20 05:53:15

Your pup is gorgeous!

No real tips as ours isn't to much of a barker but when we took ours away we made sure to take his own bed, toys, bowls. Hotel did supply bed but though it might unsettle if new bed smelt of other dogs.
Only other thing I can think of is to make sure pup is pretty tired. For us being in a new busy city with more people, sights, sounds as well as trips to the park pretty much wore him out.

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