Neighbours dog keeps going for me

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moolady1977 Tue 11-Aug-20 20:50:20

So i live in an upstairs flat and have just got new neighbours at the begining of lockdown ,they are a lovely couple with 3 young DC and a small dog . The problem is the dog has taken a huge dislike to me and whenever it sees me it barks really aggressively and pulls at his lead to try and get to me ,it's gone to bite me 4 times now and I've left it but tonight I moved my leg just in time to avoid a trip to a&e and the oldest DC just stood there looking . It's a council property and our housing officer told us when the neighbours moved in any problems to call her but I'd like to solve the problem without involving her , any suggestions what I could say to my neighbours and how to explain it simple and easy as they don't speak very good english, also it is a shared garden with no divide so the dc just walks it over the part we were told was ours hence the dog getting too close

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Borderstotheleftofme Wed 12-Aug-20 11:15:59

Can you use potted plants to make a divide through the garden?
I’d have to move though I appreciate that’s not helpful

GennyCrabby Wed 12-Aug-20 11:18:24

talk to the parents and let them know they're have been near misses.

karmasic Wed 12-Aug-20 11:56:09

You are going to have to ask them not to have the dog off lead in the shared garden because it keeps attacking you and you are worried it might go for your child.

If you don't think they will be understand what you are saying then use google translate or similar and writes it down for them. (Although I don't think google translate is 100% accurate) You could always ask if a MN knows the language your neighbours speak and can translate it for you?

moolady1977 Wed 12-Aug-20 17:57:39

@karmasic the dog is on the lead but it pulls the dc across the garden to get at me . It wouldn't bother me if they kept the dog away but the dc walks over to where we are and only last week I had to ask her to take the dog away from where I was sat , I'm due my dgc at the weekend and I know if it goes for them I'll be making sure it's put down which I don't want I just want it kept away from me and our patch of garden

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RiaRoth Wed 12-Aug-20 19:04:14

I very much doubt it is just you that it has taken a dislike to. This is common lead behaviour with some dogs.

You do need to talk to the neighbours and tell them that you want the dog kept away from you. I would think that is a reasonable request.

Do keep you dgc away do not believe it is just you!

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