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Frazzledmum123 Tue 11-Aug-20 16:49:35

So im a new dog owner and we got our pup a week ago. She is not completely toilet trained but not bad but she has taking to only pooing around my kids play equipment. So right by where they get on the trampoline at one end of the garden or at the end of the slide, the steps to the slide or under the swings at the other end of the garden. My kids often play barefoot outside but even if they wear shoes, its right where they sit on the grass areas. I obviously pick it up straight away but it just bothers me that their hands are going where its been.
I read you can train a dog yo use a specific area, has anyone done this successfully? The theory goes you take them out on a lead to where you want them to use and say the cue then wait and when they go, make a big fuss. I've started trying this now but she refuses to go there. Twice she has had a small wee but thats it, we even left a small amount of her poo there to give her the idea but she won't. Its shaded, grass and soil so there is no reason to not like it in that respect.
Im at my wits end, I spent my entire lunch break there after feeding her, plus a further hour sat working there on the laptop only for her to go to sleep and when I brought her in, wee everywhere!!

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BiteyShark Tue 11-Aug-20 17:03:21

I believe you can and hopefully someone will be along to tell you their secret.

We would have liked to have done that but it ended up with me just being glad he went to the toilet outside that I ended up not caring where he went.

Could you cordon off the DCs play area so at least your puppy can't actually physically toilet there?

Frazzledmum123 Tue 11-Aug-20 17:08:12

I did think of that but the garden is a weird shape so the play equipment has to be scattered around to fit properly, its just not practical which is a shame. Im happy for her to play anywhere and don't want her excluded from the garden in general, its just the toilet part. I feel your pain though, I keep thinking just let her go wherever as long as it is out the house and maybe when we can go for walks it won't be an issue but the longer I leave it, the harder it will be for her to learn and I dont want to risk it. I'd even be happier if she went in the middle of the garden, just not exactly where the kids toys are!!

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Frazzledmum123 Tue 11-Aug-20 17:16:58

Just tried again as she still hadn't been since lunch and she refused then desperately pulled to the trampoline and went there within seconds??? Why??

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tabulahrasa Tue 11-Aug-20 17:42:05

I’ve done it, but I blocked off the bit I want them to toilet in and they’re in there till they go and only get in the rest of the garden afterwards - till they got older anyway.

I also use a command word though

Frazzledmum123 Tue 11-Aug-20 19:29:17

Thank you. I've been using 'toilet' each time (my neighbours must think I'm mad) and doing as you say @tabulahrasa, waiting until she goes but she just isn't. This afternoon after 3 hours of trying, she went to go in our hallway, we rushed her to the spot and she stopped. Excuse the tmi but it was literally half in half out and she held it, got distressed and when we let her pull us, she took us straight to the trampoline and went! I dont understand what is so special about this place and what she has against where we are trying to get her to use

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OwlInAnOakTree Tue 11-Aug-20 21:48:31

I managed it accidentally. I have an 18 week old puppy and my garden is being worked on and is not currently puppy proof. So I have a pen just outside the patio doors so I can let him out safely for the toilet. Not particularly hygienic but easier than putting him on the lead each time (he's on a long line when playing in the garden to stop him escaping through the hedge) and I can pick up immediately because I know where he's been! Now, if he's playing in the garden, he'll come back to the penned area to go to the toilet. My plan is to gradually shift the pen when the garden is finished to an area further away from the door, but I reckon it'll be difficult to convince him to change now. So maybe you could put a pen in the garden where you want him to go and then leave him in there for as long as it takes?


Singalonggong Tue 11-Aug-20 21:50:38

We've done it. Putting down a visual marker helps like a plastic fire hydrant. Take her on lead to it each time you go out and give your command word and then praise tons with a treat. I wouldn't let her off lead until she goes. She will soon get the idea.

pasanda Tue 11-Aug-20 22:07:05

Move the trampoline?

Beachcomber74 Tue 11-Aug-20 23:39:44

The trampoline area probably smells like the right place to go now! Maybe hose it down? Playpen idea sounds good, we put her puppy pad in the designated area & that works well.

Girlintheframe Wed 12-Aug-20 05:45:40

I think like PP said it's mainly to do with smell.
We have artificial grass which we gave a thorough clean before summer. As a result dog spent ages trying to find the right spot to go in and never returned to his 'usual haunts'. Obviously the stuff to clean artificial grass has cleaner/disinfectant in it, not sure what you could use on regular grass.
You do get that stuff from pets at home designed to keep pets off lawns, no idea if that would work.

OwlInAnOakTree Wed 12-Aug-20 07:37:31

Another thought, someone on another thread says there's a spray that encourages weeing in the spot it's sprayed in. Don't know how effective it would be outside, but maybe worth a try?

Juiceey Wed 12-Aug-20 11:44:32


Another thought, someone on another thread says there's a spray that encourages weeing in the spot it's sprayed in. Don't know how effective it would be outside, but maybe worth a try?

Yep, I accidentally used this spray indoors and he went wherever I've sprayed! On Amazon there's an outside spray too.

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