How to train my teen dog out of doing a fly past?!

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Girlintheframe Thu 06-Aug-20 05:13:34

We've started training recall with a whistle. Our dogs has been known to do fly pasts usually because he's smelt something tasty!
I'm hoping the noise of the whistle will carry where my voice won't.
Wether or not he will listen and return to me is another story hmm

StillMedusa Wed 05-Aug-20 23:01:47

Mostly my 14m old is pretty easy to live with, doesn't chew stuff, chills at home and while interested in playing with other dogs, she is able to sniff , do a quick hello and move on.
But sometimes ( when she's usually off lead as we have lots of lovely fields and wild areas) she'll see another dog.. and dash towards them before I have spotted them.
I always clip her on if I have spotted another dog (on lead or not, unless I know them ) but on the occasion that I'm not fast enough she dashes past the other dog at high speed, then turns to say hello/ask to play.

Any tips for training her out of the fly past? Her recall usually not too bad.. a call of WAIT! and she mostly does, but it's just not 100% and I don't know how to get it there.

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