Has anyone tried different dog?

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Quietlyloud Mon 03-Aug-20 16:39:38

What’s it like? Can’t do raw, but want something really good. I really like what I’ve read about different dog and plan to buy it tomorrow but want to see if anyone has had their dog on it and how they’ve been.

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OliveButler Mon 03-Aug-20 18:08:20

I used butternut first and one day my dog wouldn't touch it (a day after a big box came!). I moved to Different Dog and he loved the beef stuff but again, was really fussy about the rest of it and it was another waste.
I've given up spending £££ and now make my own with mince, offal, bone broth, brown rice and some veggies. The bone broth is the only expensive ingredient but you can make your own. I make a big batch at the weekend and then use it during the week. It's the first food my dog will eat and clean the bowl. Practically zero waste. It's probably making a rod for my back but there you go.

OliveButler Mon 03-Aug-20 18:09:03

Meant to add, Different Dog service is great and the variety hamper is a good idea for trying all the recipes.

Quietlyloud Tue 04-Aug-20 12:23:33

Thank you. I was looking into butternut box but they don’t deliver where I am. I’m trying the different dog stuff, it should be here next week so hopefully it goes down a treat.

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PetraDelphiki Tue 04-Aug-20 12:28:31

I’m the same as olive - dog loved butternut originally but went off it. Much keener in different dog but more so on beef than chicken or turkey! He’s just fussy!

But the butternut website is much better...hate using the different dog one!

YgritteSnow Tue 04-Aug-20 12:40:22

I know a lot of dogs. I've yet to know if one who doesn't turn their nose up at butternut. They eat it because they have to but they don't seem to enjoy it much.

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