Ckcs... mvd experiences?

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Babs709 Sun 02-Aug-20 17:58:02

My cav is 5 and a half; I’m noticing some changes. I guess I’ve always been waiting for MVD to kick in. But a murmur has never been picked up and vets always check his heart whatever we go in for. Wondered If others could share their experiences? Maybe what the first signs and symptoms were? What it’s meant for your pooch?

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SqueakyChicken Sun 02-Aug-20 21:20:30

Are you on facebook at all? Really recommend a group called “The Healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”. Absolute wealth of information and other owners to chat to.

Only one of ours has heart problems at the moment, she was diagnosed at 7 by a cardiologist with a grade 4 murmur, first symptom probably a few years later was coughing and she went on meds. Went into heart failure at 13, lots of medication but still with us now at 14.5 smile

Babs709 Sun 02-Aug-20 21:42:25

Thanks for your reply.

Interesting that the murmur was picked up before the coughing. He’s never had a murmur (or at least a vet has never picked one up and I’ve always asked them to be thorough) but he has started coughing a bit. It’s only a handful of times a day he does a couple of horrible hacking coughs almost like he’s trying to clear his throat?

I’d say the majority of older cavs we meet out have heart problems but managed with medication and the owners say they are fine. Is your dogs quality of life OK? I assume so. 14.5 is impressive, god I hope he makes it a good few years yet 😢

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SqueakyChicken Sun 02-Aug-20 22:24:12

Might be worth seeing a specialist cardiologist if you are concerned about the coughing, as if it’s a slight murmur sometimes vets can miss it. Can start to get expensive with echocardiograms and things though so be aware. I do think starting ours on vetmedin as the coughing started has helped her. How long would you say he’s been coughing for?

Yes she has a good quality of life, loves her food and her walks, although she does have to have shorter walks now, and doesn’t cope well with the heat at all. I guess some of those could be considered normal for an older dog anyway. I know it’s such a worry, our other two are 11 and 4 and both heart clear so there is hope but definitely something to be prepared for.

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