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Cctv to watch dogs?

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Bergerdog Thu 30-Jul-20 21:41:32

Does anyone have at home CCTV preferably that can be accessed from your mobile?
Ideally not costing a fortune!

Just want to be able to check on my dogs when I’m out but not sure which to go for.

I do have multiple rooms- not sure if multi room cameras are a thing?!


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Sitdowncupoftea Thu 30-Jul-20 22:33:09

I have a Motorola hubble camera. I bought it from curry's. It has an app to my mobile. I have it downstairs it works great picks up sound and great at night. My dogs were waking at night and I caught the culprit my cat tormenting them.

BiteyShark Fri 31-Jul-20 05:58:11

I use an iegeek camera I got off amazon.

Using an app on my phone I can hear and see him and you can move the camera about. If you have multiple rooms you will need more than one but they are not expensive and mine is still going strong after 3+ years.

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