Neutering operation

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Tumbleweed101 Thu 30-Jul-20 18:24:09

My 18mth spaniel is going in for his op tomorrow morning.

Just wondering if there are any tips on how to manage his recovery. We also have a second dog in the household so will need to make sure she isn’t going to cause unintentional harm too.

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Dreamersandwishers Thu 30-Jul-20 21:02:02

He needs to rest and not be jumping, stretching etc. With my boy, we isolated him downstairs with a stair gate ; covered the family room floor in cushions from our outdoor furniture, alongside his bed , water etc, and spent a lot of time there with him. He does climb on the furniture and the cushions were to ensure he didn’t lover extend himself.
You could crate home, but our DDog left his crate behind ate about 4 months and he was 3 when he was neutered, so that was a non starter.
Short walks and lots of gentle games in the house ( sniffing, hide & seek , toys etc)
They heal quickly ( physically, I am fairly sure he has not forgiven me)

Dreamersandwishers Thu 30-Jul-20 21:03:29

* over not lover
** crate him, not home

Good luck

Tumbleweed101 Fri 31-Jul-20 17:07:57

Thank you. We’ve not long got home and he’s still a bit sleepy and unsteady but seems otherwise ok so far.

Feel bad for him, poor thing. He looks sad and sorry for himself at the moment.

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