Helping dog recover after being attacked

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dodgeballchamp Wed 29-Jul-20 22:30:28

My dog was bitten unprovoked by another dog last week. He was nervous anyway - he’s a rescue and I don’t think his old owners ever socialised him because he barks and lunges at other dogs and displays other anxious behaviours like marking when he gets stressed.

I go to a dog walking group on my local park every day and he was getting so much better - he stopped reacting when the bigger dogs were playing and even had a sniff and showed an interest in the smaller dogs. But since the attack he’s understandably really anxious again. I walked him on a different park this evening and he was lunging and barking at every other dog even if they were a good distance away. I try and distract him with treats but I don’t want to overwhelm him. Would love any tips for helping him rebuild his confidence so we can hopefully get to a point where he’s alright being around other dogs even if he doesn’t want to join in and play.

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fivedogstofeed Thu 30-Jul-20 07:30:00

Give him a few days off walking, just stay at home, play with him, do bits of training and let him focus on you without other dogs around and let his stress levels come down.
Then, unfortunately, you're starting from scratch, keeping you distance from other dogs. If he's uncomfortable at all then you're too close - keep moving away. It's a long, hard process as you know.

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