Puppy hates lead

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WentworthPrison Wed 29-Jul-20 16:15:27

My 8 week old puppy despises the lead. She writhes around to get out of the collar when the lead is attached (she's fine with the collar when the lead isn't on). I want to get her used to it in the garden before we start walks out and about (after vaccinations). Ideas very welcome.

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bunnygeek Wed 29-Jul-20 16:47:28

How does she react if the lead is on and no one is holding it? It can be a weird scary thing this long snake you've attached to her collar! She's still just a baby, so introduce these things slowly and don't overwhelm her.

Are you using a collar or harness? Depending on breed, a harness may be better, and harder to wriggle out of when training.

BarkingHat Wed 29-Jul-20 16:51:52

The Facebook group dog training advice and support has some good advice on this. Its generally a very good support site. Take it slowly, use treats and dont expect too much. I put the lead on ours after she had sniffed it a lot, when she wasnt hyper, and with treats and cuddles. Then she mooched around with it on. She is fine with it now.

WentworthPrison Wed 29-Jul-20 18:54:38

Without me holding the lead she doesn't fight it as much but does chew it. I'm using a collar at the moment as I can't get to the shops to check harness sizes.

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Itsjustabitofbanter Wed 29-Jul-20 18:55:53

Defo needs a harness. You can buy them online that gives the measurements. Just measure your dog

ViperBugloss Wed 29-Jul-20 19:00:24

I would try with a very ligth weight maybe even string/ribbon attached to her collar. Pop this on and then if not upset give her her meals.

Over time build up to her dragging it behind her, you holding on to it but make sure you follow her and do not pull her.

Very common issue and usually very quickly sorted

wetotter Wed 29-Jul-20 19:15:14

If you want to buy a harness online, try


very friendly, and will give sizing advice over the phone. They're adjustable, and don't put pressure in the wrong places.


WentworthPrison Wed 29-Jul-20 19:51:00

Thank you everyone. Very useful advice.

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