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NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 08:12:06

I've registered with as many rescues as I can. My criteria is:

- Under 3
- Small/medium dog
- Needs to be be to live with a dog
- Have teenagers at home
- I work part time during term time only but never set from home more than 3 hrs and dh home all
Week for the foreseeable.

I've applied for a dog who'd just had puppies but wasn't suitable as she only gets on with big dogs and I have a miniature schnauzer.

I've applied for her puppies but not successful (1500+ applications).

I've scoured the rescue pages but sadly, most large dogs or already reserved.

I absolutely refuse to pay £1500-£3000 for a puppy. It feels wrong. Our ddog was £800 8 years ago and we weren't deemed suitable for a rescue then as youngest was 4.

I really want another dog for the family and a friend for my dog but am
Getting nowhere.

I've been looking fir months - I know lockdown has skewed everything. I have this feeling that there'll be a lot of young dogs in rescue over the next few months as people stunt to work and school? I'm sad about this fact but wonder if I should hold out for then?

Any advice much appreciated.

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BarkingHat Wed 29-Jul-20 08:20:03

I think if you wait there’ll be lots of dogs coming into rescues.

Floralnomad Wed 29-Jul-20 08:25:30

Have you tried Many Tears as putting your criteria in the first dog that pops up is a 2 yr old Schnauzer

NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 09:07:00

Thanks for the many tears shout - I've gone in and yes, woody is lovely and perfect BUT - is terrified of men and I have men in the house! all relatives) I might enquire anyway - he's gorgeous.

I enquire about some mini poodle pups and they wanted £3000. I just can't get over it....

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NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 09:11:05

And the breeder (kennel club and council registered) is stuck because if they sell the puppies cheaper, then the buyer sells on at triple the price - they can't win.

It's not right

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bunnygeek Wed 29-Jul-20 11:05:02

Patience is required right now. The "easy" dogs are getting hundreds of applicants, it's a lottery if you're the lucky one that gets picked!

Keep in contact with all the local rescues. Make sure you've got all application forms they would need fill in where you can. Most rescues, due to demand, also don't have time to keep possible applicants on file and troll through them when a dog comes in. It's a first come-first served situation at the moment!

It's utterly mental at the moment and over the next two months as work opens back up, there will be a surge in dogs handed in. A lot of the cases handed in at the moment are "trickier" dogs, or dogs with sad circumstances where owners have become ill or died. Those "easy" dogs are still with their owners who locked down and found that handing their dog over was less urgent.

Don't rush out and find yourself handing over thousands for the sake of getting a new dog. Just wait a few months. This year is entirely upside down and back to front.

Floralnomad Wed 29-Jul-20 13:00:08

@NotBeingFunnyOrAnything the foster carer does say that the dog is perfectly ok with her husband and spent the first night back sitting on the settee with him .


NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 13:03:00

He's reserved!!! Someone pipped me to the post - was out on a long dog walk just came back and he's been reserved - happy for him, but sad for me'

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NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 13:03:49

Thanks for all the repose - floralnomad you speak much sense.

Will just hang on and wait

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Notwiththeseknees Wed 29-Jul-20 14:55:38

Hi Notbeingfunny

Try Dogs of Portugal, Poodles of Portugal, Terriers Sans Frontiers, they are lovely people with great dogs. Alternatively, I know a girl who rescues dogs in Bosnia - she had some puppies to rehome recently. The cost of transport would need to be factored in, but some of the exacting demands the bigger uk rescues are now making I'm amazed anyone manages to give a loving home to a rescue dog.
My dog I brought back with me from France from the SPA in Brittany and she is absolutely wonderful.

NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 15:46:41

She has the same face as my dog!

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NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 15:50:15

But mine is slightly more 'beardy'

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NotBeingFunnyOrAnything Wed 29-Jul-20 15:52:45

I tired a couple of rescues from Romania and the dogs (smallish) I enquired about were reserved.

I'll just keep checking but be patient - I wanted the summer (apparently it's here) to house train, if needed and socialise as much as possible in clement weather. Plus I work in a school and although part time - I wanted to use the holidays for as much time with the dog as possible.

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Sarahlou63 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:11:52

There are loads who fit your criteria in my video smile

Portuguese rescue dogs

HookShot Sun 02-Aug-20 12:07:24

Have you considered one of the less popular breeds (as in buying one of those if you are unable to rescue)?

For example, there are only about 200 Brittany puppies born in the UK a year, but demand isn't huge as it's quite an obscure breed, so you can often get a nicely bred pup fr a reputable breeder without spending months on a waiting list. The breed fits your criteria (they are small to medium sized dogs) and they're typically £850 per puppy even in lockdown.

Being such a minor breed, the breeders pretty much all know each other and are very devoted, so you won't end up with a puppy mill Brittany.

WinWinnieTheWay Sun 02-Aug-20 18:44:23

I'm in the same position as you Op, looking for a second dog but struggling to find a match. £3k for a non KC dog is utter madness and we can't afford it. I do believe that at some point people will start handing dogs into shelters, maybe in September if schools and jobs and family routines return to normal.

Beachcomber74 Sun 02-Aug-20 23:52:02

Blue Cross & Battersea Dogs home worth a try

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