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Emergency vets this morning

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drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 10:01:31

Worried sick, I posted the other day that my girl wasn't eating. I had no replies , not fussed as I then found other threads with tips.
Last night she was very sleepy and I had to hand feed her.
Got an emergency vets appointment this morning. It's totally not her.
She is drinking and going to the toilet with normal poos .
Just need calming down. 1st time dog owner and she's my world.

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petalpower Tue 28-Jul-20 10:06:54

Hope your lovely girl is ok. How old is she? Sounds reassuring that she’s weeing and pooing as normal.

anon5000 Tue 28-Jul-20 10:07:13

I hope the vet can get to the bottom of the problem.

Glitterb Tue 28-Jul-20 10:08:56

Bless her, hope she has just a minor virus x

drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 10:11:42

@petalpower she's 3. A normally mental Belgian Mali x whippet
She's had 2 mouthfuls of breakfast which would normally be inhaled ☹️
I'm really worried
Thank you
Will keep you updated

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petalpower Tue 28-Jul-20 10:15:03

Hope your vet appointment goes well and they work out what’s affecting your dog. My puppy is only 11 weeks. I already worry if he doesn’t quite seem himself. It reminds me of when my children were babies and couldn’t say what was wrong.

drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 10:33:26

She's gone in

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RonaldMcDonaldio Tue 28-Jul-20 10:37:30

She's in the right place - fingers crossed it's something minor, try not to worry.

I had a scare with mine last week, he got stung by a bee and collapsed! He is absolutely fine now, the big drama queen. I know how we worry and wring our hands over them, we love them like children.

Let us know what the vet says? flowers

BiteyShark Tue 28-Jul-20 10:41:06

Fingers crossed it's simple to fix/treat.

LST Tue 28-Jul-20 10:50:23

Fingers crossed for you and her OP x

drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 11:15:38

She's had an ear infection so got antibiotics for a week.
So they could do her boosters at the same time.
They think as well it's season related . She's re- booked in for September to be spayed .
Thank you everyone, feel a tad bit foolish now .
Like I said she's my 1st dog, had a shit start in life and she's my world.

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drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 11:16:51

The must post photo

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RonaldMcDonaldio Tue 28-Jul-20 11:20:00

Aww, she is lovely. So glad all is well, don't feel foolish! Your love and dedication to her is obvious, be proud of that - you knew she wasn't feeling well and you made sure she was examined.

She will now embarrass you totally by stuffing her furry face. smile

BiteyShark Tue 28-Jul-20 11:20:09

* Thank you everyone, feel a tad bit foolish now .*

Don't be. It's hard when they aren't themselves and can't tell you what's wrong.

drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 11:23:59

She's got a bit vocal recently and 'talks' to me which is amusing sometime but not at 3am.
She chatters her teeth at me. Please tell me that's normal 😬
She's had a little run which is encouraging and eaten a bit more. Now gone and curled up like a cat and gone to sleep .

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Floralnomad Tue 28-Jul-20 11:24:01

Don’t feel foolish , we called the vet out once because one of our horses looked depressed ! She’s incredibly gorgeous btw , hope she feels better soon .

Bettyboop3 Tue 28-Jul-20 11:25:51

Don't feel foolish. She's lucky to have a mum who loves her so much.

Wolfiefan Tue 28-Jul-20 11:30:01

Don’t feel foolish. It could have been pyometra in which case your dog needed a vet urgently.
You did the right thing. Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

MyFartWillGoOn Tue 28-Jul-20 11:34:49

She's beautiful and there's nothing wrong with being worried and seeking help-you never know when it could be something more serious!

Glad she's home for cuddles

Mrsjayy Tue 28-Jul-20 11:35:43

Bless her hopefully her antibiotics work quickly, they are such a worry when we first got our dog he looked uncomfortable and was stretching I thought the worse got an emergency appointment to discover he had trapped wind vet gave him an antacid and I was mortified blush😂

Boomclaps Tue 28-Jul-20 11:38:23

Lots of cuddles for her and a wine for you tonight 💓🤞

Shmithecat2 Tue 28-Jul-20 11:43:02

Poor thing, an eat infection is horrid for any creature, no wonder she was off. Hope the anti bs kick in soon. Glad you've booked to have her neutered, then you won't have the worry of unwanted litters or pyometra.

Rhubardandcustard Tue 28-Jul-20 11:45:01

She looks gorgeous.
With dogs I say always go with your gut instinct and if that says vet then go with it. Better be safe than sorry.

I’ve been to vets over a few issues that haven’t turned out to be much in the past and some visits which made me glad I had gone.

Hope she bounces back in next few days.

petalpower Tue 28-Jul-20 11:50:09

Glad all is well. An ear infection must have made her very uncomfortable so you definitely did the right thing getting her checked.
I think most dog owners on here would have done exactly the same as you.

drinkingwineoutofamug Tue 28-Jul-20 11:50:20

She's just eaten scrambled egg mixed with kibble. Yes now making me out to be a liar 🙄

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