Will our remaining dog mourn his friend?

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mrsdiddlydoo Mon 27-Jul-20 23:27:40

We are days away from putting our oldest dog to sleep because of ongoing health problems. I'm worried about whether our younger dog will be confused or sad when he doesn't return home with us. Is there anything I should be doing to help them, or am I overthinking it. I appreciate dogs maybe don't feel like we do and it's easy to put human emotions onto them. Thanks for your wisdom.

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Oswin Mon 27-Jul-20 23:39:27

We had a Male and female who loved each other. When the Male had to be out to sleep suddenly she was devastated. She is quite a barky dog and she didn't make a noise for weeks.
For a while she was just so sad. I think there's not much you can do other than comfort them. I've seen people suggest showing them the other animal once they have died. So they know what's happened.

Ellmau Tue 28-Jul-20 00:42:19

I've seen people suggest showing them the other animal once they have died. So they know what's happened.

That didn't work well for my DB, Bereaved Dog was very upset and angry with them for some time.

AbbieLexie Tue 28-Jul-20 01:10:44

Our girl was put to sleep at home and our other dog was about. After, she came over and sniffed her sister and walked around her. Then it was like she knew and left her. Over the next few weeks she would come up for a cuddle and contact. They were sisters from the same litter and had only been separated once before. She took over the tasks her sister used to do.

mrsdiddlydoo Tue 28-Jul-20 11:07:30

Seems like it maybe depends on the dogs then. They are more companions than bestest friends. Our youngest dog is very sensitive and I'm leaning towards just taking the older one to the vets and not showing him the body. Our youngest has become very vet aware recently because of his own health issues and if the vet came here to pps I'm worried he would always be worrying that the vets will be coming for him soon.
Thanks for your advice x

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Floralnomad Tue 28-Jul-20 11:16:16

My dsis had littermates who appeared devoted to each other , the brother had to be pts last year ( March) and the other one has been perfectly ok aside from having to sleep with my sister . I don’t know if it makes a difference that they are really old . Remaining dog is going to be 19 in November .

Ilikewinter Tue 28-Jul-20 11:20:10

We had 2 males, about 18 months apart in age. Our older dog had cancer and im sure the younger one knew, he seemed to distance himself the days before we had to pts our poorly dog. We had him pts at the vets, left our young dog at home. He was quiet for a few days but then was okay. We kept to our normal routine with walks, meal times etc. He did become more 'loving'....he was previously I'll come for cuddles on my terms!.
Im sorry you are you going through this but im sure you'll all be okay x


MothershipG Tue 28-Jul-20 11:20:39

We lost the oldest of our 3 recently & the other 2 have given no indication that they are in any way bothered.

Bergerdog Tue 28-Jul-20 11:25:36

Mine have not really been bothered either.
One has been upset at being left alone but I’m not sure that’s because the other one was gone, just that he was used to something else being there.

AssamorEarlGrey Tue 28-Jul-20 12:54:18

Mine was badly affected and didn't play with her normally much-loved toys for about three months afterwards. She was very nervous when she arrived and I think she looked on the older dog as a mother figure.

I kept to the normal routine and in time it got better.

mrsdiddlydoo Tue 28-Jul-20 16:58:18

Thank you everyone

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